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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Anatomy of a Boyfriend

Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky (September 23rd 2008)

Grade: 3 stars out of 5

Summary from inside cover:

"Before this all happened, the closest I'd ever come to getting physical with a guy was playing the board game Operation. Okay, so maybe that sounds pathetic, but it's not like there were any guys at my high school who I cared to share more than three words with, let alone my body.

Then I met Wes, a track star senior from across town. Maybe it was his soulful blue eyes, or maybe my hormones just started raging. Either way, I was hooked. And after a while, he was too. I couldn't believe how intense my feelings became, or the fact that I was seeing—and touching—parts of the body I'd only read about in my Gray's Anatomy textbook. You could say Wes and I experienced a lot of firsts together that spring. It was scary. It was fun. It was love.

And then came the fall. "

Review: I loved how the relationship developed from the small crush to the almost obsession. It definitely was not a small glimpse as to what some other authors offer but the entire novel devoted to just the relationship. It showcased all the needed aspects of the sacrifices that love needs but also the joys that it can give.

This book shows you how it not only affects you but the others around you as well—your parents, your best friend, and others that are close to you. The devoted parents, how they ask and respond to the questions that Dominique has. The best friend, a very strong minded character indeed!, who shares her wisdom, though limited, to help Dominique and how she comforts her in the end. And don’t forget the bitter grandmother who belittles Dominique constantly who had lost her joy when her husband past away, a wonderful side character that gave a lasting impression to me.

I also quite enjoy the ending to it as well. It gives off a realistic outcome—that first love doesn’t always have to work. The separation through college was a nice way to do so, again realistic, as well as the break up, through IM no less!

Here’s my issue with the book though. I thought the love for Wes grew a little bit to the obsessive side but now that it has time to sink in, I think that it seems perfectly reasonable as it was her first crush/love/boyfriend. As in many cases first love is an unknown battleground that you’re not sure you’ll survive, giving yourself up to one person can cause a real scare to some especially to young teenagers. But, my main issue has to be the sex in this book. At first I thought okay, that’s a relatively used topic in most teen books but then it got a little graphic and I got concerned. About a small portion of the book talked and described about sex so I guess the reader can easily skip this section. Remember though, it can be a bit too graphic for the younger audiences.

Overall: I thought this was a very nice book about first love. At first when I just finished reading it, I wanted to give it away as soon as possible but after the initial shock value, it sinks in. I’ll contemplate about this book for a bit longer but for now, it’s going to stay on my bookshelf.

Cover C+

I love the little captions pointing to the body parts. Especially since in the actual book Dominique talks about these part in a rather better light, so that was quite ironic and humorous to me.

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  1. This book was fun to read and a real learning experience for me.. hehe