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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beautiful Americans

Beautiful Americans by Lucy Silag (January 8th 2009)

Grade: 2 stars out of 5

Short Summary: Penelope Jane or PJ as she likes to be called is an enigma to everyone from the start. But what is she really hiding behind that gorgeous face?

Olivia, a born dancer, is aiming for a scholarship in this stunning city. Dancing is her passion and dream but what is she willing to give up as the result?

Alex has what all the girls want—beauty, wealth, passion and strive. But can this cool calm and collected fashionista survive in this bustling city?

Zack, a regular boy from Memphis, has captured the eyes and hearts of many girls but who really is his type?

Review: Told in four different points of view, this novel showcases Lucy Silag’s versatility in manipulating her characters. Each one has their own unique personalities that will never get you confused on who’s who.

Olivia: She was definitely not one of the stronger characters. Gave no real lasting impression whatsoever but I did quite enjoy reading her relationships. It gave a little scandal and excitement to the book. I also like her determination, I think she may be the only one who gave an actually reason to be in France!

Alex: Okay so I DID NOT like reading about her. I had to force myself to just read her, a real pain in the butt. From her thievery to her whiny/bitchy attitude to almost everything in general, I wanted to just rip the pages from the book. That’s how much I didn’t like reading about her.

At the very beginning she wanted to find love that was understandable. But as it progressed, I got all the feeling that all she wanted was sex. It was plainly obvious that he held no interest in her emotional but her conceitedness blind sighted her and she resorted to thievery of clothing. So I felt no pity towards her when she got dumped.

PJ: Annoying. That’s all I can sum her up as. As self-dependent as she tried to be I find her needing more help than anyone else. Her constant want for her sister, her sister’s boyfriend, and to be liked gave me another character that I had to force myself to read. I also thought that the mystery aspect of her, in her sister’s disappearance and her parent’s arrest, were both unneeded. I guess it gave PJ depth and reason to be in France but after reading the entire book, we’re still stuck with the same information from the very beginning of the novel!

Zack: I LOVE Zack. If any of you have ever watched Project Runway season 4, he is so much like Christian Siriano! And I adore him! From his snarky/spunky attitude and his critiques to all that is fashion to his emotional baggage of his sexuality, I wanted more! I even enjoyed reading Alex more through his point of view, that is how much I love him! He alone made reading this book so worthwhile.

Overall: I was expecting fireworks in the skies of the night but instead I got sparklers in the glow of the afternoon. Very disappointed with the book since I had such high expectations. I’ll be looking forward to the sequel but I probably won’t rush out to get it once it’s been released.

Cover C+
I love the background and the color scheme to it. I love the font and style to it as well. What I did not understand was how there were only three columns. I’m guessing the first is Alex, second is Olivia, and third is Zack. What happened to PJ? Is she so mysterious and elusive that she wasn’t included in the cover?

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  1. haha I like how you did the little review for each character.

    Great review!