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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer by Alyson Noel (May 27th 2008)

Grade: 1.5 stars out of 5

From back cover: “Having recently discarded her dorky image--and the best friend that went with it--Colby Cavendish is looking forward to a long hot season of parties, beach BBQs, and hopefully, more hook-ups with Levi Bonham, the hottest guy in school. But her world comes crashing down when her parents send her away to spend the summer in Greece with her crazy aunt Tally.

Stranded on a boring island with no malls, no cell phone reception, and an aunt who talks to her plants, Colby worries that her new friends have forgotten all about her. But when she meets Yannis, a cute Greek local, everything changes. She experiences something deeper and more intense than a summer fling, and it forces her to see herself, and the life she left behind, in a whole new way.”

*If guys noticed the love interest is named Yannis, and my name happens to be Yan…see the similarity? So to make things less awkward for me I pretended my name was something else…let’s say Vivian*

Review: Written like a form of a diary, I only enjoyed the latter half of this book. The beginning was very much annoying, too topsy-turvy. One moment she’s miserable, depressed, complaining to the world through blogging, next she’s happy as a clam, dating a superhot Greek.

Colby isn’t someone I like to read about, her qualities as a friend really turned me off, “Which kind of required me to get rid of my old best friend. But since we were kind of in a fight anyways, I decided to go with it and never look back.” Really what kind of person would do that!? If someone who had some form of popularity shows a slight interest in you, you just ditch your best friend since you guys were fighting anyway, and that made it alright?

This book was also far too predictable, from the anonymous commenter to the appearance of almost all the characters. Blond, tan, blue-eyed Amanda, to the smokin’ hot, tanned and toned, piercing green-eyed, and adorably accented Yannis. I already knew almost everything that happened before it actually happened.

Plot was very rushed, actually there wasn’t very much of a plot. Well what was left of it didn’t really interest me. Girl goes to visit her crazy aunt in some a small island, girl is annoyed/miserable about being there, girl meets boy, boy and girl fall in love in a VERY short amount of time, girl goes back home and stays in touch with said boy. That’s all to it really.

Okay so I said it got better in the second half. Really it did. I much prefer happy outgoing Colby than said mentioned before. Here’s a cute quote that I liked, “Apparently cats have short memories. Which means my next pet will be an elephant.” Some scenes were also nice, a get-together with some people at the island, a date on the beach, and some of that sort.

Overall: A disappointing book from Alyson. This was my first book by her and I’m crossing my fingers for her other books—especially Evermore since many people seem to like it. Pick it up if you’re bored, a quick easy read for the summer (it took me less than a day to read, 2-3 hours). Just be prepared to not like the first half of this book, or maybe some of the second half…

Cover B-

Like the shade of blue of the sky and ocean. The footsteps on the beach was a nice touch as well as the splash of green from the girl’s tank-top (I really like the colors green and blue together). However, the guy seems a bit old, maybe it’s the hair cut, or how of the half of face is shaded?

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