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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Heartbreak River

Heartbreak River by Tricia Mills

(April 16th, 2009)

Grade: 3.5 stars out of 5

Summary: Alex was just planning to spend the summer on the family business but what happens when Sean Kenley decides to come back? A whirlwind of emotions from the past comes back to Alex but how will she deal with it?

Review: Like “Cracked Up to Be”, “Heartbreak River” has a mystery in it as well. It gives you a small tidbit about her father’s death, why and how, and the reason behind Alex’s grievance with what she said to Sean a little every chapter. It all comes out at the end that you fully understand why she had felt so guilty about her father’s death and how it isn’t as simple as it seemed in the very beginning.

Some little scenes throughout the novel were very well done as well. The part where Sean tries to help Alex conquer her fear of the river was very believable. None of the bologna of overcoming it in on the first try, it took time and a baggage load of emotions.

I would’ve liked to see the relationship developed a little more. There wasn’t enough interactions between the two the two of them, Sean and Alex. Well, the part where she and Sean did the deed *coughcough* was very odd. All I can really say is wow…

However, both characters are people I just wanted to jump in the story and have a heart to heart with. As self-reliant as she is, Alex’s nervousness to confront Sean seemed all too real. I just wished she slapped/attacked Mala when she made out with Sean instead of bottling up the angry. Sean to me could have been developed more. Some of his past or background would have been nice.

Mala wasn’t one of my favorites, Alex’s cousin/best friend in the beginning, but she grew on me at the end. She was too flirtatious, too over the top at the start, but I liked how she mellowed out. Like Mala, Tommy was almost the same, just in guy form. I guess his redeeming qualities would have to be a) he’s British and b) he’s kind of almost funny.

A bittersweet ending to me. I am trying not to spoil it...but I guess it had to happen. A very strong ending overall.

Overall: I love the way it was centered on the river, the past, the present, and the future. It was a very quick read that I stayed up an extra hour just to finish. An emotional roller coaster, up, down, loop-de-loop. Something that is definitely staying in my bookshelf and for a possible re-read. Am eagerly waiting for her next book!

Cover: B+

Personally I love Alex in this cover. I love the emotion on her face, the angle, the wind blowing through her hair. Sean…I don’t know what he’s doing and the angle of his face is kind of awkward.

I'm starting things off with a bang. I'll most likely re-post this review once the book is about to be released along with my interview with the author.


  1. This book looks really good. . . and I love the cover. It's nice and simple... :]


  2. I'm glad you liked the book and its cover. I was thrilled with the cover, especially since it was my first one.

  3. Oh, and I realize my real name pops up when I post comments, but I write the YA under Tricia Mills.