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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Traveling to Teens: Sarah Ockler

Sarah Ockler wrote and illustrated her first book at age six—an adaptation of Steven Spielberg’s E.T. Still recovering from her own adolescence, she now writes books for young adults. Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of New York at Buffalo and also studied creative writing through Denver’s Lighthouse Writers Workshop.

While nomadic at heart, Sarah and her husband Alex currently live in Upstate New York with an ever-expanding collection of sea glass (hers) and dinosaurs (his).

TWENTY BOY SUMMER is her first novel.
1. Do you like to travel to the beach often?
I love the beach! But I lived in Colorado for 5 years and spent some time with the mountains instead of the ocean. Now that I'm back on the east coast and summer is here, I'm all about the beach again. Time to go sea glass hunting!

2. Have you found any red colored glass?
Nope. I've never found the coveted red piece. Maybe this year? Cross your fingers!

3. Did you ever lie to your best friend? If so what's the most funniest one?
My BFF is my husband, aka Pet Monster. I lie to him all the time, but only about one thing. It goes something like this:

Pet Monster: Who ate all the cookies?
Me: Mmphh? Nompphhh mphhh!
PM: I *know* it was you!
Me: *Looks innocent* Mmnnn uuhhh!
PM: There are only like 2 cookies left. I didn't have any. And we don't have a dog or a kid or a house elf.
Me: *Swallows evidence* OMG you don't even trust your own wife! What kind of Pet Monster doesn't trust his own wife?!
PM: But you have cookie crumbs all down your shirt!
Me: *Glances casually; brushes gently* Oh, those! Those aren't mine. I'm just holding them for someone else. So, um, are you going to eat those last 2 cookies, or can I have them? :-D

4. Have you ever dropped pennies on purpose so someone else might have a lucky day?
Sometimes... and if I happen to pass a penny on the street or accidentally drop one from my pocket, I always leave it, and I always think about that exact thing -- letting someone else have a lucky day.

5. What was your first summer crush?
There were these twin boys that lived near my friend's house when I was like 8 years old. Brett and Brit. Seriously, those were their names. Anyway, I loved going to my friend's place in the summer because Brett and Britt were so cute and so funny and would come over to play kickball and hide-n-seek and Red Light / Green Light with us. One was a little nicer than the other but it was hard to tell them apart, and I didn't really care anyway. I loved them both. Brett/Brit. *Sigh* Of course, that was way before Pet Monster. Now he is my summer crush. :-)
You can find Sarah here. And buy yourself a copy! It's great!

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  1. You ask the best non-book related questions! I was smiling really hard my the end of the interview. :)

  2. Twenty Boy Summer is unbelievable & Sarah is a doll.

  3. Great interview. I love the cookie answer :D