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Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Mystery: YUM!

Inspired by My Invented Life by Lauren Bjokman.

Don't those banana slug look delicious? If you answer yes then I dare you to eat it:

"Move over gummy worms, there’s a new treat in town! These incredibly realistic Gummy Banana Slugs are 5-1/2 inches long and weigh in at an impressive 45 grams each. Delicious banana flavor!

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.

Top 10 Banana Slug Facts:
1. Banana Slugs get their name because of the unique flavor of their slime.
2. Banana Slugs communicate using telepathy. [!?!?!]
3. Banana Slugs can grow up to twelve feet long. [gag]
4. Banana Slugs eat dirt, pine needles, and small mammals. [omfg mammals!?]
5. Banana Slugs can be trained to tie themselves into a knot. [why?]
6. Banana Slugs have two pairs of tentacles.... the shorter ones detect light and the longer ones pick up radio signals. [I think they're lying to me]
7. Banana Slugs can survive in outer space. [yeah they really are]
8. Banana Slugs reproduce by biting themselves in half. [me too!]
9. Banana Slugs are immune to human stomach acid, so if you swallow one, it will live inside you. [shudder]
10. Banana Slugs express emotion by wheezing."

Sadly it's out of stock. *deep sigh of regret*


  1. I have a slug phobia from years spent living in The Lower Mainland, BC. Ick ick ick.

  2. I see slugs all the time. I've never seen one twelve feet long, though. And I'm not sure how they'd be able to catch a small mammal to eat it; they move very slowly.

    I think they're pulling your leg.

  3. LOL I became aware of that after reading the 2nd fact xD

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    At first I thought it was ACTUALLY some type of food. I cannot believe I even pictured myself eating that.

  6. Random Banana Slug Fact:

    It is the mascot for University of California, Santa Cruz - and they have an awesome stuffed banana slug (to cuddle with, not eat) :D

  7. Oh god, yucky! D: Yan, what a random and disturbing thing to put on your blog! xD Dx x-x