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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher (October 13th 2009—Delacorte)

Grade: 3.5 stars out of 5

Summary: “You only hurt the ones you love.

Logan Witherspoon recently discovered that his girlfriend of three years cheated on him. But things start to look up when a new student breezes through the halls of his small-town high school. Sage Hendricks befriends Logan at a time when he no longer trusts or believes in people. Sage has been homeschooled for a number of years and her parents have forbidden her to date anyone, but she won’t tell Logan why. One day, Logan acts on his growing feelings for Sage.

Moments later, he wishes he never had. Sage finally discloses her big secret: she’s actually a boy. Enraged, frightened, and feeling betrayed, Logan lashes out at Sage and disowns her. But once Logan comes to terms with what happened, he reaches out to Sage in an attempt to understand her situation. But Logan has no idea how rocky the road back to friendship will be.”

Review: Almost Perfect was just that, almost perfect. Judging from the summary you would expect something quite heavy to read or at least something heavier than an outfit gone wrong. The setting is in rural south, somewhere near Missouri, which makes this a whole lot tougher.

It’s bit of a tedious read with some splashes of scandals, but the majority is just character development and build-up. Katcher does a wonderful job creating this scenario and hope only to snatch it away from the reader leaving them so much more solemn. C’est la vie.

I’ve read some reviews that called the ending a cop-out which I tried to accept, but couldn’t. There was no way possible I could have accepted a happily ever after because of the setting and the characterization. Logan and Sage are both distressed and confused even if they hope not to be. One would expect after reading the jacket synopsis they would be prepared for the final confrontation, but that’s not true. One would expect to understand what Sage and Logan both are through from the many TV shows, but that’s not true as well.

But here’s the biggest issue for me: I loved the message but found the actual book okay. I expected this book to be a showstopper that made me angry, made me cry, made me ache for this, and it did. Just on a much smaller scale. There were some odd phrases that didn’t match up later on:

SPOILER: So Logan and Sage ended up by themselves in a passion filled room. It doesn’t go into descriptions beyond heavy kissing but I assumed that they did it as one clearly would if they read it. But then Logan mentioned that Sage never took her shorts off while he was naked, so I backtracked my original assumption. Later, however, Logan mentions that they both lost their virginity so I’m just like huh? I don’t know, but I had really hoped not to use this example….END SPOILER.

I would recommend reading the acknowledgments, definitely.

Cover B

FTC: review copy provided by the publisher


  1. Damn I was expecting for this to be an amazing read too, oh well I already bought it, it's in my TBR pile, I'll get t it eventually lol

  2. So excited to get around to reading this. It's too bad it didn't quite meet your expectations. Thanks for the awesome review. :)

  3. The acknowledgments were great, I agree. And I to really thought the ending was well done. It made the most sense to me.

  4. And oh, that thing you mentioned in your spoiler confused me a bit too. I still don't really get it.

  5. I was kind of expecting this one to disapoint...

  6. This book sounds like something new. I read the spoiler up there and it is very confusing.

  7. I keep putting this one on hold at work and having to turn it back in because I don't have time to read it. I want to check it out though, because I really liked Brian Katcher's first novel, Playing with Matches. I liked your review though and I'm interested in reading it now to see what I think of the ending. And I was good and didn't check the spoiler!:)

  8. This book was a true roller coaster of emotions. Even I wish I had someone like the characters (Logan, Sage, Tim, Laura, Jack) in my life. The author did an amazing job at not only making it realistic, but also at tying up all the loose ends and connecting the dots. Beautiful words that will twist your heart and make you hope the best for future transgender.