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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TLC Blog Tour: The Truth About Delilah Blue

The Truth About Delilah Blue by Tish Cohen

Source: Harper Perennial for blog tour.

Grade: 3.5 stars out of 5
Delilah Blue Lovett has always been a bit of an outsider, ever since her father moved her from Toronto to L.A. when she was eight, claiming Delilah's mother no longer wanted to be part of their family. Twenty now and broke, but determined to be an artist like her errant mom, Delilah attends art class for free--by modeling nude at the front of the room, a decision that lifts the veil from her once insular world. While she struggles to find her talent, her father, her only real companion, is beginning to exhibit telltale signs of early-onset Alzheimer's. And her mother, who Delilah always assumed had selfishly abandons them, is about to reappear with a young daughter in tow...and a secret that will change everything. Delilah no longer knows which parent to trust--the only one she can rely on is the most broken person of all: herself.--from the back of the book
With an emotional immature mother and a father who will do everything for his little girl, The Truth About Delilah will wreck havoc on a reader's immediate response on responsibility. They made side with the mother who has been hunting for her daughter for years with milk cartoon ads, news shows, and websites or the father who believes that an environment of artistically lazy-bums living off a wealthy trust fund a.k.a. smokers, druggies, and just lazy-bums is not good for a child growing up. My heart goes out to the father who has early signs of Alzheimer's who has been through thick and thin for his daughter some might say that taking her away from a mother may offset that good attribute.

Then there's Delilah who cast in a whirlwind of lies and confusion. She inspires to become a famous artist yet lacks the proper training and sense of center. A reflection of her family life. Delilah makes the perfect character to be dissected and reconstructed in both words and in painting.

While The Truth About Delilah Blue makes this reader giddy with the psychological impact, the time sequences and warping loses my focus. The prologue of third person to second person point of view left things off shaky start from the start that took several pages in to confirm my initial assumption and understanding. I also wanted more of the background information of the father and mother instead of assuming once again what had occurred. The ending, as well, leaves a dramatic finesse but lacks clarity and finality.

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  1. Oh, I've never heard of this one before. I'll have to do a little more research, but thanks for the review :)

  2. This seems to be one of those books where you don't know whose side you should be on. It's too bad that it didn't have the cohesiveness to keep you in the story.