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Monday, August 30, 2010

Manga Monday: 1/2 Prince

1/2 Prince by Yu Wo (author) and Choi Hong Chong (illustrator)

Genre: Gender Bender, Shounen, Drama, Action, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Art: 5 stars
Plot: 3 stars
Characters: 2.5 stars
Serialized: a magazine in China (I forget the name)

Have you played the RPG Ragnarök? If so 1/2 Prince is like the manga version of it. There are various guilds, classes, tradesmen, and monsters.
"It is the year 2100A.D. and humans have invented a virtual reality game called "Second Life". Feng Lan, due to a bet with her brother, vows to beat him in the game. Thus, she becomes the first transgendered character in "Second Life", in other words, she is the only person who is the opposite gender in the game from her real life. As her popularity rises because of her looks, skills and team mates, can she keep her identity a secret from her loved ones and friends to prevent trouble?"
1/2 Prince was hilarious in the beginning, like LOL, pee-in-your-pants, funny, but now it's starting to drag with no actual direction in the plot. It might be because it's releasing every every month (a chapter) or if the author lost his focus along the way. The novel is further along than the manga, but I like the pictures so I'm trying not to spoil myself (but it's too late I guess since I know the ending... xD)

from a 1/2 fan art book

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  1. Whoa...a Chinese manga...I should read (the beginning-because it's funny) just for that :)