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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thirteen Reason Why


Source: Personal (had this baby on my shelves for almost  years before finally reading it)

Grade: 4 stars out of 5
Hannah Baker committed suicide. She left behind a stunned student body, an empty desk, and a shoe box of cassettes to thirteen lucky individuals who played a part in her death.
Here's a funny thing about Thirteen Reasons Why: I've read it before without actually reading it. Prior to me starting to book blog and reading large quantities of books in general I was really big on anime/manga and fanfiction (there goes my dirty little secret)! So when I first picked up Thirteen Reasons Why I had this deja vu feeling and then it hit me like a bullet. I had read a fanfiction that used the exact same plot.Good going Yan--you managed to spoil a book without even realizing it! Thankfully I read the fanfic so long ago (3-4 years ago) that some of the details were blurry, which it made reading Thirteen Reasons Why tolerable.

Because Thirteen Reasons Why has been out so long and has been on the New York Times Bestselling List I'm not even going to attempt for a full review. So here are some half-jumbled words I've thrown together:

  • Distinctive voice; easy to follow; raw with clear emotions.
  • Wonderful plot (if if I read it somewhere else unintentionally); greatly executed.
  • Interesting characters; many are not at all likable, but interesting nonetheless.
  • Love how the chapters go by "Cassette ___: Side _"
  • Borders on the line on emotional to overly dramatic.
  • Middle of the book is numbing a.k.a my eyes slightly glazed over.
  • Jenny is still ??? for me.
  • Would like to know about the aftermath of other listeners rather than "looking like hell".
Thirteen Reasons Why is currently on bargain price.


  1. This book was so awesome! I loved it. And I definitely agree with you on the last point. Seeing what happens afterwards would be great.

  2. A fanfiction is how I ended up reading this too.

    I read the fanfic and it seemed really good... and then I read the book that "inspired" it, only to find out she had basically copied the book -- some passages were even close to word-for-word copies.

    Just wondering, was it a Twilight (BellaxEdward, all human) fanfic you read? Maybe it was the same one. =P

  3. YES! Yes it was! Do you remember the title of the fanfic? It's been so long so I don't remember the title nor the "author" :/

  4. This was the author: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1010972/Aspen_SiredBySpike

    I'm pretty sure she deleted the fic though, after I read the book and reviewed, pointing out that she was pretty much plagiarizing/flat out copying the book. =P

    The story was called Audio something/something Audio.

  5. my friend read this book and reallly liked it. she said it helped her.

  6. @lanna LOL! thanks for the link xD

    @daydreamerN that is so wonderful! I hope that it helped many others as well :)