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Monday, March 5, 2012

Alternate Views: 3 Mini-Reviews

Yan and I read some of the same books, but I didn’t want to do a complete review on the same books. It’d be a bit boring, right? But I like attention and I wanted to share my thoughts too! I picked three big ones that I would talk a little about, informally.

Legend by Marie Lu

Grade: 4.8 stars out of 5

I finished this in two days. I got it Sunday on the tour and I finished Monday night (early Tuesday morning) instead of doing DiffEq homework. I want to eat this book. Is that weird? It’s all black and gold and delicious; all mystery and suspense and romantic. I want Day. Where can I find a Day in real life?

“Screw June. Pick meeeeeee. I’m observant too! I got a perfect score [once] too!” It’s not fair. :(

Legend gives me hope for the state of YA fiction after the terribleness of Carrier of the Mark. GiveMeTheSecondOneNow. NAO!

Also, Marie Lu said she liked my name. WIN!

Psst... Yan's review here .

Isle of Night (The Watcher's #1) by Veronica Wolff
Grade: 2 stars out of 5

If I was violent person, I would hunt down every one who said “Oh it’s like Vampire Academy” and smack them with my copy of VA#6.
There were like two similarities between this monstrosity and VA and it was a) vampire school of guardians and b) hot guy.

I love Rose to death, but do I care about Drew? No; I hope she dies. I don’t want to hear how SOOPER SMRT she is. I don’t want her going on about everyone else is hot and she’s not “boo-hoo”. Taking the vampire aside, how realistic is the idea of beautiful people all over the world who have nothing left and they all have some special talent and are just right to guard vampires? Why do these vampires even need Watchers? Wolff explained it, but I forgot it. I don’t care.

When I’m super bored and I need motivation to write my own novel, I’ll read the sequel. It’ll be like one of those anti-drug campaigns that say “Meth – Not even once” or whatever. Except it will be with Isle of Night and it’ll say “Generic Beautiful Smart Main Character and Generic Beautiful Love Interest – Not even once.”

Yan's review is here. [Comment by Yan: Ouch, tell us how you really feel. My review is much more positive if anyone is curious to read a different POV.]

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Grade: 4 stars out of 5

If you go back to my Carrier of the Mark review, I mention that in the middle of my rant to my friend Zach, a girl passes by and casually states “Everyone should read Hunger Gamers. It’s the best!” or something. I have a special smile for situations where I should keep my mouth shut, and here it made an appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hunger Games. I was biting my nails all throughout the last half of the book. I like Katniss and Peeta and the other ones. I’m going to see the movie.

I understand why people are fanatical about this series, but I am not. I finished Hunger Games and went back to sleep. I didn’t HUNGER for the second book like I did with Legend. In fact, I started the second book on audio because I was bored, and I got as far as the second chapter before I just said “Meh, don’t care”. I’m not really Team Gale or Team Peeta; I don’t see the love triangle (though many say I should just finish the trilogy).

I think the book would have been so actually been "the best" if they all died. It would have been so much more powerful, a real “Screw you” to the dystopia, and I would have loved it and became a fan girl. But there’s no such thing as a standalone novel nowadays, and it’s better to have a seemingly happy ending and two more books, apparently.

[Comment by Yan: now I'm curious as to why you gave it 4 stars when you seem rather indifferent about the book.]