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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Something weird's happening on the Official Vampire Academy facebook. Something about a countdown. Something "really exciting". I have liked this page a long time ago and am getting updates every now and then. Richelle Mead hasn't said anything about it, but the page is buzzing.

I have changed my mind - I don't want them to make a Vampire Academy movie. I don't want them to find a crappy actress to play Rose. I don't want them to find ugly guys (I have weird taste) with fake Russian accents. I don't want my images of Vampire Academy clouded with someone else's.

I want Vampire Academy to stay a book and not a movie, nor a TV show, nor a webseries. I'm just going to recommend it as a book to everyone who asks what they should read.

Why am I posting about this now?

I just recently watched Disney channel's "original" movie Geek Charming on Netflix.

Fallon, why did you watch Disney movies on Netflix?

Because I read the book this particular movie was based on. Before it came out (Goodreads says I finished it in 2010). I don't know if it's Disney or not but the movie was completely different from the book. I mean, I guess I understand the hair color changing, and okay fine they made the girl fall in love with the boy (which really doesn't happen in the book, and I really liked that it didn't). It's just that some things were not brought up, like why Amy and Dylan stopped being friends in middle school. In my opinion, it's not minor. It showed the Dylan had every right to be angry and Amy wasn't perfect. These characters are human. In the movie, it was just that simply Dylan didn't want to be in perfect Amy's shadow. Cop-out.

I don't want the VA movie to skimp on Lissa biting Rose and Rose enjoying it - it's a very adult scene but it's IMPORTANT. I'd hate it if Rose instantly fell in love with Dimitri. There's no way anyone could shoot the scene with Jesse better than the way I picture it. I want Christian to be goth kid of the century... and a bajillion more things I want to control.

And it won't happen. I have no control.

I won't unlike the page though, because I want to get updates. And admit defeat when it comes. And I will drag my boyfriend to see this film, if this does come out. If it's not as good as Hunger Games, he'll hate it, and if it's not as good as the book, I'll hate it.

Here's to hoping that Bloodlines stays in paper form and they'll make a R-rated Succubus Blues.