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Friday, July 5, 2013

From This Moment On (Blog Tour)

From This Moment On by Bella Andre
Grade: 2.5 stars out of 5
Published: 5-25-13 / Harlequin MIRA / paperback
Cover C
Source: ARC provided by Media Muscles for review purposes

Marcus has always been the responsible older brother, taking care of the family when their father passed away. When Marcus sees Chase and Chloe together, he realizes that maybe what he has with Jill isn't what he dreamed of. He decides to cut loose and enjoy the night. He never expected to Nico, a woman that he wasn't supposed to see or even think about the next morning.

Nicola has been under the scrutiny being a world famous artist. But the image that the tabloids has created isn't the real her. Tonight, however, Nico decides that enough is enough and tires of hiding away in her hotel. She never expected to find a man like Marcus.
Review: I will admit that I enjoyed From This Moment On more The Look of Love. There were far less inconsistencies and characters that made me want to shake them. Bella Andre seems to prefer love-at-first-sight rather than a slow build-up. This might be preferred to some readers as this keeps the plot very fast with a happy ever after in a 200+ page book.

I prefer Marcus and Nico over Chase and Chloe mostly because I struggled with Chloe's immediate actions to Chase. Nico and Marcus, however, do try to behave as though they are uncomfortable with the idea of developing a strong connection and intimacy in a short time. The continuation of their romance was more believable, and I found myself rooting for the two of them.

The struggles that Marcus faced is a situation that many could find themselves in: a child forced to become an adult after a parent's death. Nico's situation on the other hand is a little less common for most people, a pop-star that is placed in a bad spotlight and hurt by someone she once trusted. The two have very little in common (even their age-gap is a decades width), but I found their relationship promising. I enjoyed their  banter and the intensity of their heat and sparks. Again, however, I thought it moved too quickly for my taste.

There isn't a villain to the story so it was a character driven plot that spins in circle at times. The plot is very simplistic, and I fail to see why Bella Andre sees the need to introduce all the Sullivans again in this short book. Since the plot was simple, I found myself bored at times and rushed towards the end. 

In the end, I'm on the edge of Bella Andre's works. I find them okay reads, but not something I will go back and reread.