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Monday, June 10, 2013

Blog Tour: The Look of Love

The Look of Love by Bella Andre
Grade: 1.5 stars out of 5
Published: June 2013; MMP / Harlequin
Cover C
FTC: unsolicited from publicity firm
For the first time, Bella Andre's The Sullivans' series is out in mass market paperback. First up, Chase Sullivan: world-renowned photographer with looks that even draws the models. He's tired of the one-night stands and looking for a true love. On the way back from his mother's birthday party, he rescues Chloe Peterson on the side of the road after her car gets trapped in a ditch. Running from a hard past and a soul-sucking relationship, the last thing she wants to deal with another man.
Strictly judging the book by its cover, The Look of Love is not something I would typically pick up.The blurbs and reviews, however, pushed me into trying as the majority are very positive. From the start, though, I realized that this book may not be my cup of tea.

Chase is gorgeous, Chloe is gorgeous. Chloe jumps out of a horrible abusive relationship and into the arms of a man she barely knows. And while there is a time gap between her old relationship and Chase, the speediness in which she claims to have fallen in love was alarming. Chase is, of course, the perfect prince in Chloe's eyes. He has had nights with models, but that only alludes to his handsomeness. But overall I found the characters flat, even the main villain was not as intense as I would have liked.

The ending was short. The build up and build up about Chloe's past relationship, and the confrontation is resolved in a measly 4 pages. The epilogue only sets up for the next story and offers some insight to the new couple.

Overall: The Look of Love is cliche, which may not be a bad thing if it fits the mood that the reader is currently looking for. I was not. Insta-love was very instant; lust, okay but love doesn't happen within less than a 24 hour span. The steamy sex scenes were again, cliche. I found the characters at times hypocritical or very unsure what they truly want. It wraps up quickly, like snap of the fingers quick. Again, this is all personal taste. If I was looking for something fast-paced, fun in the sheets action, with simple characters I wouldn't have rated The Look of Love as harshly.