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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Wings

Black Wings by Christina Henry

Grade: 4 stars out of 5
Maddy is an agent of death who helps and guides souls to the ‘door’. Her job doesn’t help pay the bills, but luckily there’s a new tenant whose rent will. The tenant, however, may bring more than what Maddy wants right now.
Black Wings, I need to get this off my chest, needs a family tree. Oh boy, I was considering stopping midway, reread everything all over again and just plot everything out myself. This angel comes to earth has this many children whose names are so-and-so and those children has this many children named so-and-so and they never age so they continue to have babies and now the question is: Is everyone related to each other in some twisted way? I tried connecting the dots, but I’m 99% sure that no one really cares except for me because it’s pretty irrelevant and doesn’t pay a huge role that will make people go “ew”.

So Maddy is a kick-butt heroine who can easily defend herself against demons, mean bosses, and the occasional grumpy gargoyle. (Who, by the way, is that comical relief character that I always love to read in these types of novels.) She is the somewhat typical heroine that I am finding in fantasy novels: independent, strong willed, and powerful. I can’t say that it’s a bad thing since if she was a winy, dependent, clueless character I would probably pull all my hair out by now. Maddy is a well-likable character who isn’t afraid to get dirty and a little mean.

I find the world that the novel builds, while confusing sometimes (it’s always the names that get me), was creative and definitely shows the author’s effort. There’s the present world and the past world that readers’ discover through Maddy’s visions that blend well together. It was the back bone of the story without having to go through the whole ordeal of long-winded speeches. The collided of the two worlds was impressive as one expected when facing fallen angels and meeting your father for the first time. The resolution and climax was done in a fashion that left me with no qualms *insert smiley face*. A little love story never hurts either.

Speaking of love! Oh la la la. The tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet is an ongoing concept throughout the novel. Let’s just say some of these guys are yummy (if they can keep their mouths shut between you and me). A smidge on the fast pace for one potential relationship, but nonetheless, enjoyable to follow.

However, there were definitely times that I questioned how something happened. More in the controlling power sense than plot-wise sense. It’s the finer details that seem to kill me with novels.

Black Wings was one of the better beginnings to a series that hit every point that it needed to hit. This is a series that I plan to continue and will continue to enjoy if Christina Henry maintains this caliber of writing.

Cover B (that tagline is hilarious)
Source: Ace Fantasy
Published: 30 November 2010; mass market paperback

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