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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quoted + I'm Not Dead...Yet

First off, some happy news! Kelsey from The Book Scout told me that we were quoted in the paperback edition of Darklight by Lesley Livingston which is !!!!! And she took a picture of our quotes:

This is the third blurb that I know of aside from The Demon's Lexicon and Need. If anyone else finds any blurbs by me you will get my undying affection! I can never find my own blurbs and it's usually someone else telling what's happening lol

Secondly, I've been feeling so very guilty for not posting anything as of late. School work has finally caught up and all my reserved planned posts are used up so I got nada right now. For now, expect some sporadic reviews until Thanksgiving when I finally get a weekend break to write some :)

For now, stay warm everyone (unless you're going through the winter season then stay cool!).


  1. Congrats on being quoted! That's so awesome! :)

  2. You know I have never been quoted? That I know of...

    I guess my reviewing style doesn't really lend itself to pulling quotes though.

    Maybe one of these days!

  3. @Lenore--I never know if I'm quoted or not until someone tells me and that's usually months/years after the books has been released! But I'll definitely keep an eye out for any blurb of yours! :D

  4. That is so very exciting! I don't, as a rule, cut-up books, but I might be tempted to cut that out and frame it if that happened to me. Congrats!

  5. I saw that the other day while I was browsing around at the bookstore. I wasn't sure if it was you (maybe there's another Yan reviewer in the world?) so I didn't say anything. That's so exciting! :)

    Also, Lenore, I feel like I've seen you in a book before, but I can't remember where. I may have to go bookstore browsing again, lol.

  6. I always knew your words possess great power! xD