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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Darklight by Lesley Livingston (December 22nd 2009—Harper Teen)

Grade: 4 stars out of 5

Summary: “Much has changed since autumn, when Kelley Winslow learned she was Faerie royalty, fell in love with changeling guard Sonny Flannery, and saved New York City from a rampaging Faerie war band. When a terrifying encounter in Central Park sends Kelley tumbling into the Otherworld, her reunion with Sonny is joyful—but cut short. For they’ve been plunged into a game of Faerie deception and wavering allegiances in which the next move could topple a kingdom...or part them forever.”

Review: Fans of Wondrous Strange rejoice! Lesley Livingston is back and she’s better than ever. Darklight evokes the same light fluidity with the heavy faerie battles and somehow still managing to find time to make the crowd swoon over Kelley and Sonny. She incorporates Shakespeare, theater, and faerie history in this action packed novel.

If you have yet to read Wondrous Strange, do not attempt to pick this book up. If you have read Wondrous Strange, brush up with it again. There’s a lot of dialogue and plots that require good memory.

One of the few doubts I had about Wondrous Strange was the unoriginal plotline. It seemed as though all fae books are the same. There was like this “How to Write a YA Book with Faeries for Dummies” manual that have been seemingly read by many. Step by step process, plotlines all going down the same pathway. But I’m happy to say that Darklight managed to surprise by throwing me off that loop. Seven words: Sonny plus giant surge of greenness equals awesomeness. Fabulous twist.

Sonny and Kelsey are still sweeter than ever. Especially the part where Sonny threatens to burn down an entire theater filled with raging leprechauns. That is what I called revenge. Nothing speaks love like green ooze.

With a few surprise up her sleeve, Livingston captivated me by the detailed descriptions; sometimes throwing me off by the overly detailed descriptions. It engulfed plotlines at times. It does, however, make an expressive battle scene.

There were times where we could have gotten more details on though. For instance Fenn—AWOL, poof, What’s the dealio? The summer court? Questions, questions, questions. Then of course Aberon but that I’m leaving up to the 3rd installment of Wondrous Strange.

Overall: An impressive sequel. It’s hard for a book to be better than it’s processor but by golly I think she’s got it.

Cover B+


  1. I'll have to look into this series.

    It does have awesome covers!

  2. I'm telling you! Lesley Livingston Rocks! Can't wait until this fall/early 2011 to get my hands on the last and go to her launch party!!
    I've linked to your review here:http://www.thediaryofabookworm.com/search/label/Darklight at my review of the same.