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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Snap by Carol Snow (September 1st 2009—Harper Teen)

Grade: 3 stars out of 5

Summary: “Madison Sabatini thought she knew who she was: an almost-sophomore with a bright future. The newest photographer on her school paper. A shopaholic with great hair and a fabulous wardrobe. Then, in a flash, everything changed.

Now she's stuck in Sandyland, a gloomy beach town in the middle of nowhere, living with her parents in a crappy hotel "suite." Instead of spending the summer with her friends at home, she's hanging out with pink-haired Delilah, an artist who works in a shop called Psychic Photo, and a skater boy named Duncan who's totally not her type. Except, maybe he is . . .

Determined to make the best of things, Madison throws herself into her one passion: photography. But when strange figures start appearing in her pictures—people who weren't there when she snapped the shots, people who are later reported dead—she begins to question everything about who she is . . . and who she wishes she could be.”

Review: Snap was one of those novels that you can’t assume about based off the summary. This book was more about Madison and her moving to a new town, losing her old friends, her perfectly planned school year, and a potential boyfriend. It was less about the eerie scenario of her photograph and the possible deaths related to it.

Snap was a decent read for someone looking to take time away. I really didn’t get much of Maddie’s character as she seemed shallow this few chapters around. She did, however, grow on me a bit later on. She grew up you may say. I enjoyed reading about her friends especially Deliah. Loving the whole sale-everything-on-eBay, I can totally relate to that. I also liked Madison’s old friend that she left back home. She wasn’t the typical snobby blond bimbo, in face she was almost the complete opposite.

The last 2 chapters were where I actually loved the book. It portrayed a distinct emotion, answered some dying questions, added some humor and revealed the truth.

As for the “dying” photographs, we actually never figured out how that came to be. Was the physic photo shop influencing the function of Maddie’s camera? We may never know…

Overall: I kind of expected more but the last 2 chapters were quite good.

Cover C
It’s actually very, very scary looking in person. Online it looks like o.o but in real life it’s more like O_O


  1. I like the cover it looks good!
    But maybe in real life its more creepy! x

  2. Ooh, I hate it when paranormal events in novels are not explained!

  3. I wasn't sure about this one, although I'm still not sure. I haven't really heard any great reviews about it yet. I definitely hate it when the summary on the back throws mixed vibes. Thanks for the honest review.

  4. I hoped yo enjoyed this book more but hey, at least the ending is good right?

    I don't like the cover either ><

  5. Yeah it was weird how different the plot actually was from what was described in the summary.