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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Q&A With Malinda Lo

Welcome to the last stop for Malinda Lo's ASH Tour!

I've reviewed ASH here. The playlist for ASH. FAQ about ASH. An article about why she wrote about LGBT characters in YA fiction. Her column about my own coming-out story. I was also sent a 3 chapter excerpt of ASH but wasn't sure if I could post it or even how so I bring you a link to the first chapter only. Sorry!
There is a section in your book where we follow Ash as she rides a horse. Have you have even ridden a horse? Do you own one? Would you like to? Which method of riding do you think is easiest (side saddle, uh the other saddle etc.). Were you ever one of those little girls who always wished for a pony?
I have ridden a horse, but not since I was a child. I do not own one, although I absolutely have had fantasies of living on a ranch and having lots of horses and wearing cowboy boots. OK, I have western fantasies, so obviously I would ride western, but I do not deny the allure of English riding, particularly the fashion. Yes, I really like boots.

I was a little girl I did not want a pony — I wanted one of the grand big horses in The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley. But even I knew there was no way one of those could live in my back yard. Bummer!

Why were you inspired by Cinderella and not the various other fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty or Snow White?
I guess I just identified with the fact that Cinderella worked really hard and was ultimately rewarded for it. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White both involve girls who fall asleep and are rescued by a prince. I did not want to fall asleep and wait for anyone to rescue me. That seemed kind of boring.

Do you have any future involving Ash or Sidhean? (I phrased the question wrong x.x)
If you mean is there a future for Ash and Sidhean together, the answer is, I’m afraid, no. Ash has her own future, and Sidhean has his, but their lives are meant to go in different directions.
and as a special gift for being the last stop of Malinda Lo's blog tour I bring you:


  1. I was hoping for more quirky questions but the vid owns. I have to get Ash like really really really soon!

  2. Thanks for being part of the blog tour, Yan! Also, if you phrased the last question wrong, what did you mean? I'm happy to try to answer it again.

  3. Hey Malinda!

    What I meant was do you plan to ever write a sequel of some sort? Or a companion book with either of these two characters making a reappearance?

  4. I've loved seeing this blog tour, one of my favorites so far. Thanks for the interview!