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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual

Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual by is it Pennsylvania? (’07-’08 edition)

Grade: 3 stars out of 5

Summary: In this manual readers will unlock the secrets to being a skilled driver. From road signs to what not to dos, young teens will follow their passion and travel wherever they wish. Only of course if they pass the test… (ha! I crack myself up being so bored).

Review: Let me just say that I’ve read the ’04 edition and the ’08 edition is so much freaking better! It’s a lot more in-depth with better explanations, more information, and the format much smoother.

Anyway the reason behind this review was from this little twitter chat with Erica and Kristi. Erica (The Book Cellar) asked why I was reading the driver’s manual and Kristi (The Story Siren) said that so I can review it. She of course didn’t know that I don’t have classes for these things like she does. So the only way to prepare myself for the permit test was to read the darn thing. So here I am…reviewing my driver’s manual. It’s more of a joke than anything really.

I want to mention the pros and cons of IRL manual and e-manual. For future teens getting ready to take the permit test, I suggest you get both. But definitely get the online version if you can only pick one.

The IRL manual is a lot easier for your eye rather than staring at the computer screen for 4-5 hours. They have shiny pictures, bright colors, and neat little tables/charts should you drink while driving. They like to mention how much money you’ll be fined with, years in year, and blah blah blah. A lot of it is of course common sense. If you’ve been in a car or on the road, it’s basic information. Some of the information you’ll probably never see in real life. Their descriptions are off at times, confusing me more than helping. It took me about 3 chapters to figure out what was “passing other cars” meant. It seemed fairly simple but they way they explained it was like brain surgery.

The online manual you get from PennDot. Trust me, get this. It’s the same as the IRL manual but after each chapter they have this set of review questions. The IRL manual does not. It helps…a lot. Mostly because the permit tests likes to use very similar questions like those coughcoughthesame!cough I zoomed by the test because I’ve seen them before. I’ve answered them before—twice. Go over the question, try your best, go back to see what you got wrong, and after a few days do the entire set all over again. It’s a $38 test, don’t screw up. Better to waste an extra 30 doing all the questions over again than failing the test.

As for the online test, try them. It can’t hurt. There’s also this road sign online test.

Anyway that’s all! Good luck!

P.S. If anyone wants to know, I did pass my knowledge test the first time around. It took less than 10 minutes but the waiting was freaking long! Line for this, line for that, mom forgot her ID.


  1. I passed my PA learner's permit test just last month on my birthday : D

  2. Ahaha. Superb review :) I'm so happy I didn't have to read a drivers manual - we had a textbook which I didn't read. I skimmed the vocab words, and we talked about the rest in class.

  3. I just went with my brother to the DMV to get his driver's license. I don't think he even read the book and he passed.

  4. Only 38 bucks? Luckyyy, mine was like over a hundred. :(

    haha I read the manual before the written test, and then went to driving school after. :)

    Online practice [written] tests do help though, for sure!

  5. LOL yan, thats hilarious. r u driving now? soon? hahaha, stay away from NJ or MA! :D don't run over people...and garages. lolll


  6. Heehee!! I reviewed my stupid driver's ed book too a few years ago. At some point I might even graduate from a learner's permit to a real grown-up licence.

    Nah.. I've had this one too long and I'm attached to it. heh.

  7. I haven't bothered to get my PA license even though it would be very handy at this point. I think you've inspired me to study!

  8. I never actually read that thing. I took driver's ed instead. Driving is really fun!

    I just recently got my license. The picture isn't too great, but I love driving by myself. It's so awesome. good luck driving!

  9. I'm from PA too! I had the previous edition to study from. Poo! :( Oh well.

    I pass my first time too. As well as with the vehicle driving exam. :)

    Good luck to you! :)

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