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Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Mystery: Heidi R. Kling

So we're countering Josh's interview with Heidi's for a little friendly battle! Ha! Heidi's book SEA comes out June of next year!
1. Have you ever wore fishnets, spiked accessories, or mini short shorts?
Fishnets, yes. I used to work at a costume shop. Spiked accessories and mini short shorts ditto.

2. So Sharon calls you a chinless monster huh?

3. If you can have a stalker, would you? And how many?
I have many stalkers, yes, but I would love some more.

4. Evil sock puppets. Eat your flesh or stab your eyes out?
Eat your flesh. I'm into Zombies.

5. So you're suck between a rock and a hard place. Describe this "hard place" It smells like rotten eggs and Josh Berk and Sharon Luvs Cats reside there.

6. Have you ever had the urge to go streaking in the middle of day?
Come to think of it...

7. Have you ever starred at someone until they went away?
No. When I stare at people they melt. Does that count as 'going away'?

8. Would you like to live in a library or in the clouds (literally)?
The clouds. I love Care Bears and all things fluffy.

9. Can you describe your peepee dance for me?
Dude. Lots of jumping up and down and running is involved.

Thanks for interviewing me!


  1. This battle is *not* friendly! YOU smell like rotten eggs! I'm sure I don't ... wait a minute ... I think you're right. Sorrrrrry. That *was* me. Oops.

    Haha! Great interview. Heidi rules.

  2. lmao! How did I miss this until now? I love #5 but if I'm there is probably smells like cat piss too. lol

  3. haha I missed this before!
    That's hilarious.
    will tweet it.