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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Me Plus School

I've been writing too many essays lately (with one due this Monday, one on Tuesday, another on Friday, and another 6 page essay due in 2 some weeks with a sprinkle of quizzes and tests) so when my art teacher assigned us a homework to collage whatever we wanted I took my chance.

The bottom one was a first attempt where each I wanted to do something fun. The grass was "the Hulk" (I got really tired mid-way as you can see) and the desert sands was the insides of a Snickers bar. So when I asked for my friend's opinion of how it was so far she mentioned that it was a bit empty (from what I managed to do). I had to agree with her but once I got home I realized I loved the orange too much to cover it thus I made the second collage (top one).

This one I'm not that fond of....I don't know, it just seems so blah to me. It took a good 3 solid hours to finish. I'm hoping to love it by the time I turn it in but so far it's just an okay to me.

Anyway I would just like to mention to never ever ask me for directions ever. I managed to get myself semi-lost getting out of the subway station. Then I lost my way to Borders for their 3-for-2 sale where I made a right turn, a right turn, and a right turn. You know what you get when you make 3 right turns? A left turn. Yeah. Yan+directions=stupid. This reminds me of Zoolander where Derek could only make left turns lol

Anyway off to do more writing! (This is why I dislike writing reviews now)

P.S. I'm not a huge fan of music by the way xP


  1. I wish you luck with the school work! I literally slipped into a depression state yesterday just thinking about school. I had a bad dream on top of it.

  2. I know what you mean with the whole writing stuff. I'm still working on a paper, two pages, and it's due Monday (Tomorrow). I liked High School better. :(

    Well good luck with school and everything. ^_^

    Oh and also I get lost myself in a new town. I still do actually and when people ask me for directions I tell them that I have know idea where that is. One day I'll get it. XP

  3. Kilee: LOL I've been living here for a fairly long time so that's not an excuse for me xD

  4. I know exactly how you feel when it comes to directions. I am horrible with them! My worst fear is that someone will stop me in the street and ask me for help when they're lost lol.

    Also, I love both of those collages! The bottom one is so so cool.

  5. HA! Wheres your in my mailbox this week? is school driving you nuts? LOL