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Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Mystery: Jess C. Scott

Jess is an indie writer whose novel EyeLeash is already releases. You can find her here.
1. I saw tofu meat at the store for around $5, what's your opinion on that? Is it worth it? How do you suppose companies make tofu meat anyway?
I'd prefer calling a rose, a rose (which means if it's *actually* tofu, I'd appreciate it BEING called "tofu"!). It'd be worth it if it tasted very good -- tofu has loads of natural goodness + nutritional value too, so I don't mind paying for that.

I've heard about cloned tomatoes and cloned beef/meat. Perhaps companies combine "meat essence", with tofu, and market it as tofu meat. As for how the whole production process goes -- I think I'd rather not know. Maybe they clone mad cows -- so people wouldn't know what they're consuming anyways...

2. If you can roll around in anything from a product of Mother Nature what would it be?
A bed of roses (petals only, no thorns)...think of the softness, the decadence, the romanticism. For extra pleasure, I'd have dark chocolate on the side, and play Bon Jovi's "Bed of Roses" in the background as well.

3. Tell me a story of how Father Time and Mother Nature hooked up.
FT was bored -- time was infinite. It needed to be of essence.
MN was exhausted -- her energy was scattered, in trying to keep her minions together. There was no order, no sense of organization.
FT noticed MN, and complimented her on her beauty and charm.
MN reciprocated in kind. She complimented FT on his "renowned prowess".
He smiled. She smiled.
FT & MN wanted to make things work out for the both of them, forever.
They wanted something eternal, renewable, and lasting.
They conspired to form: the 4 seasons.
So it all began, on a fantabulous Spring day, with a gorgeous blooming of fresh flowers.

4. Do you prefer Baby New Year or Cupid?
Neither -- I'd go more along the lines of Thor, with his might hammer, or Robin Hood and his bow and arrow (he'd PWN Cupid any day!)...guess I'm more of a warrior sort?

Both Baby New Year and Cupid are too cutesy-wootsy for me. Exception to the depictions of Cupid in classical paintings, such as Bronzino's The Allegory of Lust (1540-50) [featuring Venus & Cupid].

5. You're stuck on an island. What you bring to best rescue yourself?
One of those gryphons or zeppelins from the Warcraft universe. One of Gandalf's eagle-friends from LotR would do too. Then again, I'm someone who enjoys solitude from time to time, so I might not need to have to call upon their kind assistance in the first place.

6. A serial killer bunny is after you. Do you A) Chase it back, remove its hide then make gumbo out of it? B)Run for dear life then throw a giant rock at it once it's below you C) Nothing D) All of the above

A) Too gruesome
B) I've no strength to hurl a giant rock
C) No way!
D) N/A

Therefore, my answer is:

E) None of the above -- I'd get the help of The Energizer Bunny (is this serial killer bunny its nemesis, The Duracell Bunny?).

7. Ask yourself a question than answer it.
Qn: Could you describe yourself 10 years ago, and now, both in 5 words only?

Ans: (In)sane, drive, introspective, complex, intense. No changes in a decade.

8. Why is 7 scared of 9?
Conventional answer: Bcoz 7-ate-9 *insert LOL's*
My answer: 7 may have luck on its side. But according to Dante's Inferno, there are 9 levels of Hell -- by that token, 9 may be the more powerful and formidable force than 7.

But I wouldn't be fearful or worried, if I were 7. Because 7 owns the deadly sins -- "Lust", "Gluttony", "Greed", "Sloth", "Wrath", "Envy", and "Pride".

P.S. I have been banished to the Fifth Level of Hell, according to the Dante's Inferno Test.
Jess has kindly offered an e-book of her book Eyeleash. I think it's international? (I lost the email! *sobs*). Let's make this last for 1 week so it'll end on the 21st.

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