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Expose Me Except

Ten years ago, one devastating night changed everything forAustin, Hunter and Alex. Now they must each play their part in the revenge against the one man who ruined it all.

Read Kate Hewitt’s dazzling finale to theFifth Avenue trilogy in: EXPOSE ME
* * *
“You sound like you hate the man.”

Hate isn’t the right word. But I’d like to see what he does with an interview. What you do with it.” He raised his beer bottle to his lips, his eyes hard.

She straightened, flashed him one of her glittering smiles.

“Well, stay tuned, then. It airs live on March twentieth.” And without waiting for a response, she turned and walked away from him, her shoulders thrown back, her chin held high.

Alex watched her leave. For a moment there he’d considered telling her the truth about Jason Treffen, but then he’d thankfully thought better of it. It was hardly cocktail party chitchat, and he didn’t know her well enough to trust her with that particular powder keg. Not yet, anyway.

She was ambitious, he got that, and tough. He was pretty sure she had the balls to bring down Treffen on live television if she wanted to.

The question was, did she? Could he convince her? He possessed a savage need to see Treffen with his world crumbling around him while everyone else saw it, too. No longer would the man fool everyone into believing he was such a damned saint.

They would know him not just as a sinner, but as a devil.

Austin had already exposed Treffen to his family with the help of Sarah’s sister, Katy. Hunter was working on ousting Treffen from his law firm. And Alex had been charged with showing the world what he really was: a monster who used the women he claimed to be saving. Who damned them to lives of shame, scandal and sin. Everything in Alex ached to see Jason publicly exposed—and he would do whatever it took to make it happen.

Including use Chelsea in whatever way he could. The woman was cold. He didn’t feel so much as a flicker of guilt for using her. But he did feel a certain amount of frustration. Sexual frustration.

He wanted Chelsea Maxwell in bed, beneath him, those gray-green eyes turned to molten-silver with desire. He wanted her haughty little smile to become a desperate begging kiss, to turn her tinkling laugh into a breathy sigh of pleasure and need.

He wanted to be the one to do it. To shatter her icy control and make her melt. For him.
* * *
The third and final step to revenge in the Fifth Avenue trilogy.
Alex has the power…
August 2014

Copyright © 2014 by Harlequin Books S.A.

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