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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Queen of the Dead

Queen of the Dead by Stacey Kade

Grade: 3 out of 5 stars
The Ghost, Alona, had agreed to be the “assistant” for The Goth, Will. Except now there’s another ghost-seer in town and Will is more than curious about the girl and her connections to his now dead father. 
It’s been ages since I finished the prequel to The Queen of the Dead, and for whatever reason I recall it being a fun, flirty, and new take on forbidden romance. Or perhaps it was a fun book and I’m not losing my mind. I’m rambling. The Queen of the Dead was much more action packed than I first anticipated. Some of the humor is lost, which was what made the first book so great. The Queen of the Dead held a more serious note revolving around the consequences of death and the affects it could have to a family.

As readers are acquainted to the society of nowadays ghost busters, Will’s life becomes better known. His father was another ghost seer and had been part of a bigger picture. A picture that seemed to not include Will. When Will becomes involved with the same society, it brings more questions than answers as much as it frustrates me. It also brings forth more drama between him and Alona. The course that the book takes definitely surprised me. I became the audience and didn’t voice any opinions with the new change in pace. I just sat and thought about it; the book was very different than I hoped, but not in a completely bad way.

The romance seemed to sway in The Queen of the Dead, which was another reason why the book wasn’t as fun as the first. I found Alona to be hard headed and childish and the temptation to hit her grew. As with any road, there are a few bumps and this time, expect some bruises.

With any continuation to a series, smaller details are explored and the death of Will’s father, Will’s best friend, and Alona’s death are put on the spotlight. Hopefully the third book will continue on and delve deeper into the tragedy.

The ending is one big shocker. There is no way I could have predicted the outcome. Kade keeps the readers on their toes in anticipation for the next installment.

Cover C+/B-
the mood of the cover was different than the one in the book
Published: 2011 May 31
Source: review copy from Hyperion

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