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Monday, July 25, 2011

Royally Jacked

Royally Jacked by Niki Burnham

Grade: 1.5 star out of 5

Do you hate those books where the girl claims that she's Plain Jane while her friends are the most beautiful, smartest, confident girls in the school? And somehow, some way or another, this girl manages to catch the attention of the hottest guy in the book with her stellar personality! Though, between you and me, her personality stinks. Say hello to Valerie.

Valerie's parents got divorced. It turns out her mother is actually gay. Her dad works for the government so to avoid a big scandal, Valerie and her dad moves a small town called Schwerinborg in Europe. In this tiny town, Valerie and her dad stay with the royal family. Of course, plain Valerie who doesn't have the most redeeming qualities a girl needs to snatch a guy manages to catch the eye of the Prince. That's right. A PRINCE. He's freaking hot and nice and smart and the perfect guy even if the title isn't attached.

The prince's name is Georg. It's pronounced gay-org.

And somehow Valerie is still upset. She's afraid of what her friends think about her gay mother. (Because OMG her "butch" haircut is the one thing that Valerie keeps mentioning about her mother now.) She's worried if the hot guy from her old school likes her because she's been pining away at him since forever (and still pining even with Georg). Cry me a freaking river Valerie. Cry me a freaking river. Your mother still loves you. Your father still rocks. You have an awesome boyfriend.Yet she still somehow finds a way to whine about something.

Okay enough ranting. Royally Jacked wasn't all that bad (but it was very much testing my patience). There were some great scenes, funny even, with a fun group of friends and a sweet boyfriend. I found almost everyone to be likeable except Valerie.

Will I read the sequel? I'm not so sure. I finished Royally Jacked in March. It's now late July. I have the bind-up edition with all three books in one (because hello, for $7 I had to buy it!). Now I'm regretting that decision. Hopefully if and when I do continue with Valerie's story, it gets better.

Cover B+
for the bindup cover
Source: purchased
Published: 2011 March 22

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