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Friday, August 19, 2011

A&L Do Summer

A&L Do Summer by Jan Blazanin

Grade: 4 stars out of 5
Aspen and Laurel are practical nobodies in their small town of Cottonwood Creek, Iowa. In their attempts to make this summer the best summer ever, Aspen and Laurel will talk dirty to customers, take a skunk for a stroll, puke their guts out, steal a chicken, and you know, save a neighbor’s life. All in the name of summer. And maybe by the end of the summer everyone will know their names.
While I know that A&L Do Summer is far from being the most realistic contemporary read, there’s outlandishly fun about this read that made this a great end of summer. My summer was far from exciting with school starting in a little over week from now, but I was able to experience a wild vicariously from A&L. A&L Do Summer  was a hilarious read with an ending that vindicated Aspen and Laurel rightfully. With a happily ever after, A&L Do Summer  would be a great way to end the summer.

Aspen is the more level-headed person in the relationship where as Laurel is always out looking for something to do. I wished Aspen had more of a back-bone and I wished Laurel would think things through, but together they make one heck of a pair. The yin to the yang.

With every good-feel book, however, there is a lack of development. The side-characters were one-dimensional and the villains were flat. I wasn’t able to pick up an array of emotions from them as I did from Aspen. Even Laurel seemed to be one noted.

Despite this I would recommend A&L Do Summer to readers looking for something quick, fun, and comedic.

Cover B-
Source: ARC from media firm
Published: 2011, May 3; paperback
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  1. I thought this book was so cute! And I thought it was hilarious that two girls who are so good would end up at the police station so much.

  2. My summer was rather lackluster as well. This book sounds hilarious! Nothing like vicariously living through a book, is there?