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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Between by Jessica Warman

Grade: 3.8 / 4 stars out of 5

Between by Jessica Warman was a read unlike many others.
When a constant thumping noise wakes Elizabeth Valchar up during the evening after her birthday party, she goes out to explore. By the side of the boat, Liz finds her biggest surprise of the birthday. Her own body.

Beautiful, rich, popular Liz is stuck in the limbo until she discovers what’s keeping her. With the unexpected help of Alex Berg—a former classmate who was killed by a hit-and-run driver—Liz explores the life as a ghost. Life with and without Liz isn’t as beautiful as it seems on the outside. 
Between by Jessica Warman will keep readers wondering who the murder really is. With an unexpected curveball throw at the very end, Warman does not disappoint with this highly publicized novel. Well paced with timely flashbacks, Warman keeps the book moving. Between brings up modern topics such as drugs, eating disorders, driving while drunk, and this overwhelming need to be better than someone else. The pressure to be the best forces people to do crazy things and Between takes that to the extreme.

While the concept and ending of Between were amazing, I found the characters to be unrealistic. It was just hard to swallow. Perhaps there truly are evil girls out there, boys with single-minded thoughts, and the cliché concept where popular always means rich, pretty, and mean. There were two characters that strayed from the pack, not completely, but enough to make a difference. I absolutely love those two characters because they had a bad side and a good side.

Then there’s Alex. He was a peculiar character.

But it is Liz that’s the most dynamic of her group. Her mother was anorexic. Her father had an affair. Her stepmom seemed to just swoop in right after her mother dies. And she’s keeping the biggest secret of all that’s eating her alive. This all comes together in the most interesting of ways especially when the mental stress transforms the physical body. Liz is nervous bundle of energy that just projects itself off the pages. I love the passion she has for running. I love the raw, intense, confused emotions that surrounded her in every chapter.

Cover B
Published: 2011 August 2; hardcover
Source: ARC from Walker for blog tour

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  1. I like the sound of this one, I hadn't heard of it before. Too bad the characters weren't too great, I hate when that happens. Great review :)