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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Excerpt + Q&A with Julie Kagawa

Stop by Julie's website for more information!

1. Do you try to incorporate what you learned in your kung-fu classes into your novels?
 Lol, actually, I take Kali as well as Kung Fu, which is a Filipino martial art using sticks, swords, and knives.  And yes, it has been tremendously helpful in staging fight scenes.  Totally worth the "badges of courage" I bring home every so often.

2. Your new series is a post-apocalyptic vampire series. That sounds really different from the Iron Fey series! Did you find it harder to write about vampires than feys?
It was very different.  I think the hardest thing to deal with was the fact that the vampire story takes place in the real (though post-apocalyptic) world, and I have to have things make sense.  I can't just explain things with: "they got there through faery magic," lol.

3. Had you already started Blood of Eden series before the Iron Fey series, or did the idea come from nowhere and wouldn't disappear?
I'd been toying with a post-apocalyptic world as I was finishing up The Iron Knight, but the idea to add vampires didn't come until my agent and I were discussing ideas for my next series.  She mentioned that HarlequinTEEN was on the lookout for vampire books, and the idea to mesh the two together just sort of clicked.

4. What are some of your favorite martial arts movies? Classics, animated, or modernized.
Too many to list, lol! But here are a few:  Yojimbo, The Seven Samurai (anything by Kurosawa, actually), Ip Man, The Forbidden Kingdom, Zatto Ichi, Lone Wolf and Cub, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (hush), Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, and the list goes on.  (Don't even get me started with anime, we'd be here all night.)

Alright, you're probably curious so here's a little excerpt from The Iron Knight:

“I see,” said the witch, though her face and voice remained expressionless.

“Well, I admire your tenacity, young prince. Grimalkin is not easy to find in the best of times. You must have come very far to seek him out.” She peered closely at me, narrowing her eyes. “And this is not the first place you have searched. I can see it on your face. Why, I wonder? Why does he come so far? What is it that he desires so badly, to risk the ire of the Bone Witch? What is it you want, Ash of the Winter Court?”

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  1. I am SO IMPRESSED by not only the quantity of books Julie comes out with, but the quality of them. I haven't yet read her vampire series (though I have every intention of doing so!), but I'm sure it's just as awesome as the Iron Fey.


  2. Wow! I'm glad she has another series debuting! I will put it on my wish list!