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Friday, February 17, 2012

Poll Results and Questions (Please)

I closed the poll this morning and was pretty surprised with the results. Legend by Marie Lu was the clear favorite in the beginning, but over the past couple of days Born Wicked and A Million Suns started to catch up.

In the end, however, this is the result*:
What does that all mean?

It means that....
  • Legend by Marie Lu won the poll at 41%
  • Born Wicked came at 35%
  • A Million Suns closely followed at 32%
  • Across the Universe scored 9%
  • Wolfsbane and Bloodrose tied for last at 3%
  • Nightshade did not place with 0%
That translates to me buying a copy of Legend at the author event!


Because Born Wicked and A Million Suns came so close, I'm going to have a separate giveaway from those.

The breakdown: giveaway for Legend, signed, will be open to US residents only. A Million Suns and Born Wicked will be opened to INTERNATIONAL entries. There will only be 2 winners: one for Legend and the other will have a choice between A Million Suns or Born WickedA Million Suns or Born Wicked will be purchased via Book Depository making it possible for international entries. They will not be signed, unfortunately. 

*I also factored in the votes when people didn't realize that the poll allowed for multiple choices. 

P.S. trying out multicolored fonts :)


  1. I'd give you questions, except I have to figure out what I want to ask them.

    1. If you have any extras you know where to find me hahaha My brain is full of mush having just taken 2 exams with 2 more next well :(

    2. Certainly. I am so happy to never have to take exams again.

  2. Ask them who'd they cast if their books were turned into movies!

  3. When writing, were you motivated by your plot or characters (i.e. did you have a clear plot outline and stick to it, or did you have a looser plot in your head and let your characters run wild and act as they will)? Failing these two options, what sort of method did you use to write?

  4. My question:
    What is your favorite thing about being an author?

  5. My question would be: Does music inspire you to write? And if yes, which music do you listen to while writing?