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Monday, February 13, 2012

Breathless Reads Giveaway Poll

As you may know I'm going to the Breathless Reads this Sunday at Dolyestown (say hi! if you're coming) and because I own all of the books already, I'm going to buy a book to give away!

As I'm so indecisive (plus I'm broke so I can't buy them all), I'm leaving this up to the majority. Readers, which book, that's signed, would you like for me to give away? Just fill out this nifty poll below and I'll buy whichever book that wins the poll:

Also whoever fills out the survey and leaves a comment letting me they did so (and let me know what country you're from*) will get 2 extra entries for the actual giveaway!

NOTE: you CANNOT see the poll on Google Reader (ewiorgjdfs STAB STAB STAB) so for now,  you have to visit my blog to vote. and hey, while you're here leave a comment for those 2 extra entries.

P.S. You can choose multiple answers so if you really really want to win Legend or Born Wicked, pick both. If there's a tie, I might buy both books (though chances of that might be rare...).

*currently unsure to which countries am I opening the giveaway for but if I can get enough interest from international groups, I'll open to them as well.


  1. I picked Born Wicked. Thank you for this chance! :D I'm from Italy. :)

    Giada M.

    fabgiada (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I chose Legend by Marie Lu. I really enjoyed the book. I lovd Beth Revis's books, and i already bought them. I didn't particularly enjoy Andrea Cremer's books. I have yet to read Born Wicked, but from what I've heard, it's amazing. But, Legend is the best one on there in my opinion. :)
    Thanks for the possible giveaway!
    I'm from the U.S.

    Alyssa Sooklal

  3. I filled it out! I voted for A Million Suns (it would look lovely next to my AtU), Born Wicked (read the ARC and loved it!), and Legend (still really need to read this one).
    Country: U.S.

  4. I filled out the survey! I'm good with practically any of those books. I especially want to read Legend. And I'm from the US.

  5. I picked Born Wicked! From Canada :)

  6. Thanks for this! I picked Born Wicked. And I reside in the US.

  7. I voted for A Million Suns (and I"m from the US)

  8. I voted for A Million Suns and I'm from Brazil.

  9. I picked A Million Suns, but I wouldn't mind Born Wicked either. :) Oh and I'm from the US.

  10. I voted for A Million Suns, bu I'd also be interested in Legend or Across the Universe(only spotted your note about multiple votes ater cast mine- oooops). I'm from the UK

  11. I picked A Million Suns (though I would love any of them!)
    lexie.bookbug at gmail dot com

  12. I picked Born Wicked because I love that cover :)

  13. My choice was Bloodrose! tWarner419@aol.com