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Thursday, June 23, 2011

From Bad to Cursed

From Bad to Cursed by Katie Alender [read review for Bad Girls Don’t Die]

Grade: 4 stars out of 5
Things are finally looking up for Alexis: her family is in no immediate danger, she has a sweet boyfriend, and her best friend still has her back. Finally her sister, Kasey, is back from the mental hospital after a murderous run with an evil spirit. But rumors start to spread and rejoining some old classmates after the first week of school can be tough for any girl. When Kasey and a couple of odd friends join and form The Sunshine Club, Alexis is a little more than weary. After all, with one evil spirit there’s bound to be more right? 
From Bad to Cursed immediately follows Bad Girls Don’t Die. Readers who are curious about this sequel will need to brush up with the prequel. If you don’t, be prepared to be lost. And now onward to the review!

While I found From Bad to Cursed not as creepy as its predecessor, I still found it chilling. Alender takes old classics—porcelain dolls, Ouija boards, creepy Stepford wives—and somehow manages to give it a creative spin. Or an all consuming black sludge. Really, whatever comes first. Alender explains everything that was needed but leaves behind an air of mystery. I found From Bad to Cursed lacking the humor I first saw in Bad Girls Don’t Die, but I didn’t mind too much. (Not when Carter Blume is showing the nice guys how it’s done.)

Alexis is still the strong, likeable female and sister. With her pink hair and bad girl attitude, she looks the part. Ah but, From Bad to Cursed keeps the readers on their toes when Alexis redyes her hair to a proper color. Even without her punkrock hair, Alexis is still a fierce girl to be reckoned (just as is her sister who can be kickass at times). Alexis love for photography and her skill is showcased when she enters a contest and manages to advance to the final stages. It’s the little things within the details that make From Bad to Cursed such a great read. With Alender’s love of crafts, it’s expected to find aspects of art in her creations.  

If you follow Katie Alender, the author of the Bad Girls Don’t Die series, on twitter you’ll notice that she loves her dog and why wouldn’t she? He is adorable. But don’t let that fool you; From Bad to Cursed is just as gruesome as her first and she holds nothing back when it comes to haunting ghosts who loves to play with peoples’ mind. Alender enjoys teasing the readers by building up the anticipation and drama. Everything things start to fall to place and while its not a happily ever after, it’s somehow perfect for what it is. We’re left with the possibilities and the anticipation of the third book.

Cover B+
Published: 2011 June 14
Source: ARC won from author/ finished copy for review from publisher

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