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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Witches of the East End

Witches of the East End by Melissa de la Cruz

Grade: 3.5 stars out of 5
Welcome to North Hampton: a quaint little town that lies on the edge of a world different. It’s where Joanna, Ingrid, and Freya have made their home and where strange things are afoot. Good thing they’re witches.
Point blank, I am not the biggest fan of the Blue Blood series, but sadly I tend to follow “hype” and requested Witches of East End for review. And I won the chance to review it. Let me tell you this was something different than her teen series. It’s more graphic when it comes to relationships as Freya does the deed more times than she can probably count.

That being said I did enjoy Witches of the East End more than I expected to in the beginning. There are great plot layers happening with plenty of questions being asked and answered with enough wiggle room for the sequel. I liked how the author took the reader around the town and introduced us the residents of North Hampton. It brought life to the town rather than just having it as the “backdrop”.

Witches of the East End can be read as fantasy or romance and even a little mystery. Melissa de la Cruz pulls out the big guns in this book making it original and creative. She weaves in the Salem witch trials with Norse mythology and adding, of course what else, zombies! That is crazy!

However, despite all the positives, I will say that Melissa de la Cruz’s attempt to shed some light on the characters background was very confusing. Seeing as how she kept building it up and up (with word drops like “bridge” and “son” and “god”) I expected the story behind it all to be longer than half a page especially since many readers are unfamiliar with Norse mythology. The onslaught of names gave little time for readers to digest the new names and places. By placing this new information until the very end was great when trying to keep the reader in suspense and teasing them, but it sort of came off befuddling.

I love the secondary characters. Period. Some of them are quirky, some are wicked, some are just annoying, but they were entertaining.

I will say that the main characters were not as fleshed out as I hoped they would. I found Freya to be a physical character that seemed to be focused on her physical needs rather than thinking things thru some times. Ingrid’s reaction to relationship developments were how I would believe an adolescent might react despite Ingrid being thousands of years old. Their motives were simple, maybe too simple for my liking.

The “epilogue” was so effed up. WARNING: do not read until you have sequel in hand. That was one of biggest cliff hangers I have ever, EVER read. And I’ve read tons.

P.S. SPOILER: They’re not actually “witches” which kind of pissed me off

Cover C-
Published: 2011 June 21
Source: Librarything
Amazon: preorder

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