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Friday, October 28, 2011

Mini Rant: Goodreads Spam


1) Spamming Inviting me to events like giveaways, author interviews, groups, swaps, new reviews, "liking" your facebook page, etc.

1a) I won't attend your event. They're starting to get annoying because it's always the same people. That's the reason why I defriend you. And why I'm not going to accept when you try to friend me again.

2) Requesting me as friend if your ratio of books to friends is less than 1. When you have 10 books in your bookshelf and have 200+ friends, I won't accept your friend request. I'm not being egotistically and self-mighty. I have learned from the past that when I did accept these friend requests, they end up spamming me with invites. I use Goodreads to share books and reviews. If I wanted to read your blog, I'll read your blog so stop sending me links every day when a new post pops up.

2a) In the past, I get about about ~10 requests per month. Now it's gone up to ~10 per week. I ignore about 70% of these requests because a) your ratio (see above) and b) we don't read the same books. The majority of my books are YA novels with some fictions and paranormal romances. Goodreads has a nifty little tool that let's me compare how many books we have in common in raw scores and percentages.

2b) You're just wasting your time and energy as well as mine.

3) Please, please if you're an author don't friend request me then spam me to read your book. I can find your book through your profile. I automatically look at your book when I friend an author. When the synopsis interests me, I'll mark it as to-read. Please don't try to "pitch" me your book through Goodreads.

4) Linking all your updates through twitter, facebook, every social networking site you're part of. When you're marking 20+ books as to-read, they ALL show on my twitter homepage. It gets annoying fast. I don't mind the status updates or when you post a review because I find them more relevant.

That being said, I still continue using Goodreads. It's a great way of keeping track of you're reading, what you've read, and what you want to read. It's a great site to read many reviews of books. Personally, I don't like Amazon's rating and their "was this review helpful" voting. I don't understand why some reviews are marked as unhelpful. Their score is also a little high for me. I don't see 4 stars as a "it's okay".

I love the new updates Goodreads has done like the 2011 Reading Challenge. I think it builds a good community for bibliophiles even if I don't have the time to participate. Also, I'm just really curious as to what other people are reading.

I just needed to get this off my chest and kill some time before my next class.


  1. Amen sister. I always ignore request when they have hardly any books but a bajillion friends. I love when people request to read your friend and they have no books in common with you, not even genres. Some people are just crazy annoying, glad I'm not the only one who thinks this!

  2. I accept all requests but it's usually the same people inviting me to their damn events all the time. STOP! What's worse is when you can't RSVP so you can't take it off your list. Effing annoying.

  3. I couldn't agree more! I love Goodreads for tracking my books, but it is all I use it for! I'm always getting friends requests etc. Sorry but I"m not interested!

  4. I feel like I should RT this post once a week!

  5. So, I feel like the girl whose been living under a rock for the last year, because I don't understand how Goodreads really works. Like, I get that it can be used as a review site, but that's about it.

    I think I need to find a Goodreads for Dummies guide. :S


  6. YES! ALL OF THIS!!!

    My comment deserves to be in all caps because that is exactly how I think it.

    I always preview the profile of the person sending me a friend request before I decide to accept or ignore. I generally ignore authors that I do not know (personally, sort of, you know what I mean). As soon as I get more than one invite/suggestion/recommendation from someone they are gone from my friend list.

    I don't use goodreads to socialize with people. I use twitter, my blog, facebook. I use goodreads to keep track of my books and see what my friends are reading.

  7. I generally don't have time or energy to search for friends to send requests, and I don't receive many requests either. Then again, I am not as AMAZING as you are :D

    Then again, I don't use GR much beyond its review and listopia function. None of this "to-read" stuff... I can hardly keep track of what I do read!

    I admit that I panicked that I might have been part of the GR conspiracy to upset Yan and checked my friends list (SAFE!...for now) because I update all my reviews on the same day, maybe every 2 weeks or so, on all review sites and let Twitter/etc do their thing.

    Anyhow, I didn't know you could "scope" out a friend request! Shows how much I know! :P

  8. Amen to this! I agree with all of it. I do the same thing when someone sends me a friend's request. I check their profile first. I mean, I know some people may be new, but you can just tell by their profile. Plus, I added that part where if someone tries to friend me, they have to at least explain WHY.

    I'm sorry so many people are just try to add you to add you. Some people are so stupid sometimes.