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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New(ish) Changes

Hello all! It's rather late now since it's already been a few days into the new year, but better late than never.

2011 marked the year where real life started to conflict with blogging. Books by Their Cover, for much more than I had hoped, was inactive. Reviews were hazardously posted, and there were long periods of dead silence. I fear that it is only getting to get as the months go by. How can you tell?

2009: 509 posts and 262 books read
2010: 319 posts and 207 books read
2011: 130 posts and 132 books read
A definite decline.

So much time and work was invested in this blog that I refuse to call it quits just yet. In an effect to maintain this blog, I enlisted the help of Fallon. You've probably been noticing a couple of her reviews popping. But expect more changes. What kind of changes?
  • Well for starters I decided to clean up the layout a bit. I was tired of the dull tan so I decided to it more red/orange.
    • If someone has trouble reading the new posts and box quotes fonts, let me know please.
  • Expect more audiobook reviews. I spend a great amount of time just traveling in and out of school, walking across campus, to and fro work, etc. Since walking and reading isn't exactly the safest and most efficient way to travel, I'm opting to listen to books.
  • Expect a monthly contest. I used to do this little feature called Books by its Cover every month where I post a little poem about a cover and I ask readers to try to guess what I'm talking about it. Each correct answer will put your name in a virtual hat for that month's prize. Well, it's going to something like that, but not. Instead Books by its Cover will be a monthly contest (still) where readers try to guess a book cover (just like before). Here's where it's going to change: rather than poems (because frankly I suck at them) I will post a little portion of the actual cover/page and you readers will guess the book from the little portion. I'll mix it up with passages, symbols, key phrases from the book (which was inspired by Audrey). More on that later in a separate post
  • Expect RANDOM giveaways for those who leave comments and people who follow my blog.
  • My reviews will be a bit different this year. I used to be spunky and snarky when I first started reviewing. Then I decided to be more "professional". Yeah, that's going to be gone. I'm going to try to be more me meaning there will be more cuss words (nothing excessive, but if I feel like there's a need for it), and more sarcasm (hopefully it'll come across the screen).
  • And whatever else I feel needs to be changed. These changes will not come nowhere I promise you that.
  • Carol (from Booklover-Carol) will be joining Books by Their Cover too :)


  1. Ooh I like the new colors. And yay for old reviewer Yan coming back! xD

  2. So glad your sticking around. Your blog is my go to blog for recommendations because we have the same taste.

  3. I love this blog - and it simply wouldn't be the same without Yan's honest-to-goodness snarky reviews!

    I can relate to what you mean about being on a decline, but no matter how often you post or don't, I always enjoy coming here and see what you have to say!


  4. Will Carol be posting both here and her blog or just here?

    I'm looking forward to the return of snark! It's my favorite part.

  5. I LOVE YAN SARCASM!! Yay!! I approve of this!!

    I also approve of and am super excited to see Carol back on the blog scene! I have missed her review posts, too!

    Lovely blog tweaking too. Very simple and colourful.

  6. To all: Thanks for welcoming me! I'm so excited. xD

    To Melanie: I will just be posting on this blog. ;)

  7. Fabulous! and yay CAROL! i miss her.

  8. Thank u so much because you will be going to review the latest products of amazing CSN Stores Online Coupons


    And new layouts!

    And new reviewers!

    And Carol!

    Fricken awesome changes, Yan!

  10. That sounds good, I'm looking forward to all the changes and more activity on here :) Also I love the new background.

  11. yanyan <3 AND CAROL! my fave partners in crime.

  12. Yay for Carol joining!! And I know what you mean about a decline. I started slowly, got better at posting and reading a ton, and last year I took a major decline (mostly because of work). I'm worried a bit about this with committee work, but audiobooks are always good! I'm glad you'll be reviewing them. And you don't have to post every day-as long as we get snarky Yan posts it'll be good!:)