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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bloggers of the Deep Tour with Zoraida: Sirens

My introduction to mermaids was Ariel, in Disney's The Little Mermaid. I idolized her, to the point where I tried to dye my hair red in high school (don't die your own hair at home). She could sing. She was beautiful. And unlike the other Disney chicks, she was proactive in getting her man!

Later in life, I started discovering the other side of mermaids. The side that lured you to the bottom of the sea. When they're not seen as pretty cartoons that sing off mediterranean rocks, mermaids are part animal. Mermaids were a warning tail to sailors.  They represented the dark and cruel mystery of the open sea.

If you had a chance of hanging out with Daryl Hannah from Splash or the girls from Pirates of the Carribean, which would you chose? I have a hard time deciding. I don't think people are purely bad or good. And since mermaids are half human, I'd like to think that they always have a choice in their actions. They are after all, carnivores, not to mention a higher life form.

In The Vicious Deep, you will meet my merpeeps. No two are the same, or have the same intentions.

Happy reading,

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  1. I think I'd hang with Daryl Hannah, but that's because I think she's awesome.

  2. I love The Little Mermaid, I always have. I love her so much that when I was 9 and my mom offered me the chance to choose my soon-to-be-born baby brother's name, I chose Eric (as in Prince.) While I always wanted to be Belle, I have repeatedly dyed my hair a light burgundy in attempts to look like Ariel too :)

    But with books, I have yet to find a mermaid book that I love just as much and I look forward to reading your book, Zoraida. I can't wait to meet your merpeople :)

  3. "Up where they walk
    Up where they run
    Up where they stay all day in the suuuuuuuun!"

    Ah, Ariel...
    Ah, Splash...
    Both are part of amazing childhood memories. :)

    Merpeople are fascinating!

  4. Cindy, I think my desire to be a redhead came from Ariel!