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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's There to do Over Summer with Carrie Jones

Currently in the midst of relaxing after the terrible semester of Spring '11, I'm planning my adventures for the summer (before friends start their summer classes and I start applying for a different job/volunteer work)! Hoping for some new ideas, I asked Carrie Jones what she's planning on doing over the summer.
So, I would really like to lie and pretend that my summer plans are going to be major and I'm going to save manatees from boaters and guest star on GLEE or DOCTOR WHO or something like that, but the truth is that this summer I will probably do what I do most of the year which is:

1. Write every day
2. Worry every day that I am not writing enough
3. Obsess every day that what I am writing is not good enough
4. Collapse in a heap on bed
5. Walk the dogs

Writing and obsessing about writing is a major part of my existence. However, I do live in a super cool place - Bar Harbor, Maine. During most of the year, Bar Harbor is pretty quiet, but starting in May the tourists come, and the summer residents come, and the hikers come, and the cruise ships come. Bar Harbor used to be where all the old money people in the U.S. would summer. They'd build these massive mansions and call them 'cottages.' They'd have dozens of servants. It was all a bit DOWNTON ABBEY only if DOWNTON ABBEY was:

1. Colder
2. In the United States
3. Had people with last names like Rockefeller and Morgan and Pierpont in it
4. Eventually had all the houses burn down in a massive fire that wiped out a good third of the island that the houses were on.

So anyways, this summer I plan to explore the ruins of the houses. There are a ton of trails in Acadia National Park, which I live right near. In the park are a lot of the ruins, which are pretty cool. And I plan to avoid the tourists who always want to know where the ocean is (when they are looking at it), and if you can see Europe from here (you can't), and why the lobster boats spin around in circles in a synchronized manner (the tides). I will also kayak a lot and hike a lot and obsess a lot and try to live the biggest life that I can.

And I will look for ghosts. And dragons in the mountains. And hopefully find Bigfoot.
I am weird like that.

I hope you all have a brilliant summer with limited obsessing and maximum adventure! 

Thank you Carrie! Good luck on your quest to fine Bigfoot! And I hope you have a great summer for those who have summer now.

Carrie Jones is a New York Times bestselling author and her latest book, ENDURE, just came out on the 8th! You can visit Carrie on twitter , website , and livejournal.

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  1. It's fun to have mini adventures around your own neighborhood by yourself so you won't have to worry on how to please your companion's demands. It's too much of a hassle to have somebody like that. Anyway, I giggled when you said you wanted to avoid tourists for that reason. Have a happy summer.