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Monday, December 19, 2011

BFF With a Dragon Girl -- Deborah Cooke

Hi readers! You're in for a special trick. Meagan Jameson from Flying Blind aka the first book in the Dragon Diaries series has been awesome enough to give us the low-down on what's it like being best friends with a teenage dragon girl.

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slightly filled with spoilers from Flying Blind. so get to reading Flying Blind so you can read this inside scoop! ;)

BFF With a Dragon Girl
By Meagan Jameson
with some assistance from Deborah Cooke http://www.thedragondiaries.com

Hi. I'm Meagan and I'm best friends with Zoë Sorensson.

I've know Zoë forever – we met in kindergarten – but things got weird this year between us. I couldn't figure it out. It was like Zoë suddenly had secrets from me. She insisted otherwise, but I just knew it. When you've known someone your whole life, you know when something's wrong.

Zoë is totally different from me. Zoë can draw, which I think is awesome, and she's always reading stories with dragons in them. (I guess that should have been my big clue.) She's funny and she's smart and she likes making lists. She's good at solving puzzles and riddles, and I think that's because she thinks kind of sideways. Me, I think in logical order. I ace math every year. It's easy for me but not for Zoë (She aces art, which I don't even take). And I take piano lessons. In a way, music is math too.

We both completely suck at sports and gym. That's our common ground. And we're not very popular, unless somebody wants something from us – help with math from me or a dragon drawing from Zoë.

What I really like about Zoë is that she says what she thinks, pretty much all the time. So when she wouldn't tell me what she was thinking, I knew it had to be bad. I had to figure it out, because she is my best friend, and if I was going to help anybody, I was going to help Zoë.

When I found out that her parents were fighting and maybe splitting up, I thought that might be it.

When Jessica moved to our school, Jessica and I really got along. We could talk about math homework in a way that Zoë and I can't. I thought maybe Zoë was jealous of Jessica.

When I found out that Zoë knew all these incredibly hot guys whose fathers were friends with her father, I thought maybe one of them was messing her up.

When I met Jared, and saw him play in his band, I knew those other hot guys had no chance. Zoë was and is crazy for Jared, but he's kind of avoiding her. I thought that might be it.

But it was when she didn't want to talk about the dragon that turned up at our school, the dragon that saved me from Suzanne's bullying, the dragon who had to be one of those Pyr dragon shape shifter guys – and he'd helped ME! – I knew I'd found the problem. Zoë is crazy for dragons. Why wouldn't she be interested in one that was at our school? It made no sense.

Until I figured it out. Zoë said I had my Einstein look, the one that means the mysteries of the universe have no chance of remaining mysteries for long. I also figured out why Jared calls her "dragon girl". I should have known when the dragon stood up for me against a bully – the Pyr defend the treasures of the earth, which includes humans. Plus Zoë is my friend – if anyone stood up for me, it would be her.

By now you've probably guessed, too – yup, my best friend is a dragon shape shifter. She wasn't allowed to tell me, because dragon shape shifters have this code called the Covenant which means they keep their powers secret, but when she saved me the second time – actually it was the third time – I saw the truth with my own eyes. And all those hot guys she knows? They're all dragon shifters too!

You have to know that it was a huge relief to learn the truth. There was nothing really wrong between us, just this secret she had to keep and she didn't have a choice. I wouldn't want to be in trouble with a whole council of dragons either. Plus now that I know her secret, it's easy to understand a lot of other things about her, and to help her out, too.

The amazing thing is that we discovered that I have a special power, too. Zoë figured it out. I can't tell you about it – you have to read WINGING IT to find out – but we're even better BFF now.

Trust me on that. Tune in to BLAZING THE TRAIL to find out how we make it all count.

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