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Friday, January 28, 2011

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

Grade: 2.8 stars out of 5

Colasanti works has a way that fills me up with great expectations and jittery happy feelings and then just pops that balloon. Sometimes it deflates slowly, other time it’s a sudden pop. So Much Closer was a deflated slowly. The first book I read by Colasanti, I enjoyed it, but didn’t love it. The second okay was cringe-worthy. The third, So Much Closer, was eh. Ehs are the worst because there is hardly much you can say. Book by book, I am starting to believe Colasanti’s novel are not for me.
Brooke just “Knows” that Scott is the “one” for her, but she’s scared to tell him. When she finally builds enough courage she discovers that he’s moving to New York City. Coincidentally Brooke’s father is living in New York; suddenly Brooke wants to spend more time with daddy dearest and the better schools in New York than New Jersey. So Much Closer follows Brooke to the Big Apple where it’s not the view that changed.
Brooke is a genius with an IQ higher than most but Brooke doesn’t have common sense. Coming from a girl who has been told she lacks common sense, this is huge. Brooke hauls herself to New York to follow a guy she barely knows and he barely knows her. Her wild choice to chase after him may to some be romantic, but it’s a decision I find unrealistic. If someone had told me that they followed me to a new state because they think they “love” me I would creeped out—flattered of course, but I would think they were crazy. If Brooke and Scott were, say, best friends it would be better. Yet they weren’t; they were acquaintances if barely.

I found the little outbursts by Brooke random. There is some build-up, but not enough to make sense of the emotional, dramatic talks between Brooke and her dad, Brooke and her mom, Brooke and her friends back in New Jersey. Her decision for a career path and to take school seriously was so quickly determined that it’s just a flip of the page.

When Brooke accepts a tutoring gig in a school program to help John who has dysgraphia, Colasanti introduced a character that was likable, energetic, and charismatic. I was infatuated with John because of his bubbly attitude and optimistic views. John was definitely one of very few shining points to the novel.

So Much Closer needed to be more developed. Why is Brooke both cynical and romantic? The ending leaves many unanswered questions. Where will Brooke go to college? What about her family issues? Is Candice still really pissed because Brooke chased after Scott? What happened with Scott!? Was the guy at the coffee shop just part of the growing process because if so I found it unneeded…?

Source: ARC from Viking from LibraryThing
Cover C
it fits Colasanti's other works, but something about that one shoulder sweater--those colors!--and the guy makes me twitch
Published: 3 May 2010; hardcover


  1. Her books do the same thing to me. I've given up.

  2. I've only read one Colasanti book (When it Happens) which was just ok, but a lot of reviewers have given her bad reviews so I probably won't read any more of her books.

  3. Oh, this book. It blew my mind in the bad way. Colasanti has great writing, but this story was just all over the place. Definitely agree with your review!

  4. Yeah, the premise for this one just isn't doing it for me. :/ It screams creepy. I love Colasanti but her last couple of books have kind of disappointed me. They're just too random at times, not enough development like you said. I'll still have to read this one though lol just not right away like before.

  5. I really liked the first book (When It Happens) I read by Susane Colasanti. I loved it, in fact. Every book since then that I've read by her has gone flat, but I keep on reading just in case I find a diamond in the rough again. Thank you, because now I know not to bother picking up this one.

    I honestly think that if she took more time between books, she'd develop the characters more and they might be better reads. But she seems to churn out one a year these days, and it's not helping the quality. :/