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Saturday, December 11, 2010

dear everyone

I think to think that I am studying very hard for my finals. In reality it most likely 30% studying, 60% stress and anxiety attacks, and 10% social networking where I am in self-denial that my finals are in...less than 48 hours from now. In the mean time:




  1. With this post, you have summarized my life.

  2. Throws you a lifesaver...candy *shrug* hope that helps!

  3. it is delicious, thanks Britt lol

  4. Good luck with finals next week. I understand what you mean about the more stress than studying part. I have two next week.

  5. I just finished my finals this week. Good luck! The stress will be behind you soon. ((Hugs!))

  6. I'll be crossing my fingers for you. A tip for easy study of finals (what I did in college) was througout the year, I would just read over my notes nightly then compile them into one hugo notebook. By the time finals came around, I had all notes in one place, have read them nightly since the begining of the semester. Then I created flashcard test questions that I reviewed the week before finals. By the time finals came, they were not hard at all and I didn't have to cram to do well. :-D I hope my technique helps you at least for next semester.

  7. Good luck! It'll be over soon, you'll do great and THEN you can return to reading. Yay--something to look forward to.

    Happy Reading (and studying!)

    The Book Swarm

  8. Thanks all for the encouragement!

    @Mary I can't wait to begin reading again LOL

    @LM Preston great advice~ :D

    @Rebecca Yay! Thanks!! :D

    @Audrey sorry >_<

    @Malbebe totally. I'm scared I'm going to choke during the exams lol Good luck to you!

  9. Same here! Ugh! Finals. I've been breaking out in hives because of stress/anxiety. T_T. Good luck!