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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fall for Anything

Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

Grade: 4.8 stars out of 5
After her father’s suicide, Eddie can’t seem to move on.
Straight off the bat readers’ find Eddie to be different from Summers’s typical heroine: quiet, fragile, and much more solemn. Going in I mentally prepared myself to dislike Eddie as I did to the previous other characters of her previous works. But there wasn’t that bitchy, outwardly hostile, and combative girl I was so used to and expecting from Summers’s. And I loved it. This was an uncharted area.

Courtney Summers keep readers on their toes who expected the worst of a situation. She always seems to surprise me with every new novel on how she’s stretching the line of no-man’s-land. How evil can a character be while still making them well-rounded and letting the reader connect to them? And with every new novel, I sit back and ponder that question: can I really blame so-and-so for acting in such a fashion?

Fall for Anything deals with the emotional trauma of not only a death, but an intentional death. Eddie deals with it by just not letting it go. She becomes obsessive with the reasons why her father killed himself. (Her father, might I point out, is much older than Eddie’s mother. He can possibly pass for Eddie’s grandfather.) When Culler Evans appears with the same obsession and a different link to her father than she has, Eddie is drawn to him. He is the connection to the world of photography and the apprentice of Eddie’s father. But Cullen does something unforgettable that makes the reader go ‘holy ****’. It goes back to the question, can you blame him? The intention was good, but did he overstep the line of no-man’s-land? There are some hints along the way that readers can pick up so this wasn’t something completely from left-field. The climax and the resolution was something that I really hoped Summers nailed and she did.

I love how open-ended the novel is. I love how not nothing can be solved because in real life the real reason why behind suicides are only known by the people who committed the suicide. While it’s frustrating not having a 100% positive sure answer after going on this journey with Eddie, it is a realistic ending. The novel itself is the journey to accepting this fact and moving past it.

Despite not having the spotlight on the mother, I believe she follows the typical behavior of dealing with deal that I seem to see in novels. Just this complete shut-down and shut-off. Fall for Anything has two characters who deal with death separately that affect the entire community and each other. Readers will come across classmates, acquaintances, best friends who are affected through ripple effect.

P.S. I love Summers’s sense of humor.

P.P.S. I love Summers’s novels period.

Cover: B
Source: St. Martin's Griffin/ accepted review pitch
Published: 21 December 2010; paperback

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  1. l so want to read this! First review l have seen of this and backs up me wanting this book!