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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Out for Blood by Alyxandra Harvey

Out for Blood by Alyxandra Harvey

Grade: 3 stars out of 5
Hunter is from a very long, long line of vampire hunters. So when she meets Quinn, a vampire prince from the Drake prince, it’s very bad. Instead of wanting to kill Quinn, Hunter wants to kiss him.
The Drake Chronicles is one few remaining vampire series that I am reading and there’s a reason for that. Out for Blood is a flirtatious book read in a classic situation of star-crossed lovers locked in a less-than-happy family drama. For one thing Hunter hunts Quinn’s people. That won’t sit well over a family dinner. While the main conflict in the story is this sudden illness and strength pills that plagues the academy, Harvey tends to lean toward developing relationships than the bigger picture. Or that’s just how I feel as the characters are really all that I remember.

Both Quinn and Hunter are self-sufficient, independent beings without being the snotty, self-absorbed bastard we’ve all come to hate. That by itself makes me like the book. Quinn and Hunter have a sizzling chemistry and if air was combustible their make-out sessions would cause some fires.

Yet as I’ve come to expect to expect from Harvey’s works, the here-and-now is dandy, but after the book is placed down, nothing sticks with me. Once I got into the novel, nothing else mattered, but the novel is forgettable once I was done. I think the reason for this was because of how singular the story line really is. There are not many layers in the relationship that is Quinn and Hunter. How much can you rely on physical attraction because granted, everyone in the novel is apparently gorgeous. Can you substitute attraction for that quintessential perfect love, soulmate, deal? Out for Blood is told through alternative point of views and despite that I feel like I needed more from the two. I needed a heavy handed sit-down where Quinn and Hunter talked all about their feelings where I grin a little, sympathize a bit, and wholly accept the whole shebang as being “it”.

As I read more and more of The Drake Chronicles I enjoy each story separately. Collectively there’s a tendency to merge as there is a pattern between many of the relationships. Out of Blood is a light read that I can breeze through as a pick me up. I would recommend this to friends for a first time paranormal read. For the hardcore readers or even the moderate ones, Out for Blood has elements that you have most likely seen before (and will continue to see).

I am still really REALLY eager to read the 4th installment though. Anything about Lucy and her family has got to be funny and awesome.

Source: ARC from Walker Books for blog tour
Cover: B-/C+
Hunter looks fierce. I am not feeling any of the guys thus far.
Published: 21 December 2010; paperback


  1. I absolutely love all of Harvey's books and I thought they were memorable. So I am sorry that you didn't quite like it as well as I did but that happens..lol. :)

    Great review though and I can't wait till the next one about Lucy comes out either she is my favorite character!

  2. It's funny because I see everything you are saying, but I still love these books. :)

  3. I do love it--it's a guilty pleasure for sure! :D