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Friday, January 29, 2010

Night Huntress Series

Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost

Grade: 4 stars out of 5

Books in the series:
Review: I’m fairly new to review paranormal romance/adult novels, but I’m not new to the series. I won the first book to this series a while back, as in about 2 years, but did not read it. My friend had really enjoyed the 2nd book in the series (just don’t ask me why she read the 2nd one first) and I brought up that I had the 1st one—I gave it to her. Fast forward until January and I’m tired of reading teen novels, contemporary novels, school literature so I asked for the book back. I did not regret it in the least. The Night Huntress series is one of the better PRN books.

Jeaniene Frost, thank goodness, knew what she was doing, sometimes. She had a p-l-o-t throughout the series. So often I get sick of series because the author does not know where he/she is taking the characters. Instead they fill the pages without sex scenes. Copious amounts of sex scenes. If I wanted to read that I would’ve picked up an erotica novel or something! By the end of the novel/series all I have to ask is: what the hell did I just read and was there a point to the book besides wasting my time? I’m all in favor for adding some spice to the books, but just tone it down. I found Frost’s execution much classier; she hinted at the act, gave one or two for fan-service and that was all. The rest of the novel was all action, not like that perverts!

Though she sometimes stray from the general plot into subplots that drive the attention away.The plot can be a little simple, at times predictable but not all the time as I was pleasantly surprised along the way.

Cat and Bones, thank goodness that’s not his real name, had a natural sizzling chemistry. Sometimes I find their relationship a bit…odd. I believe in one book they fought each other, like with a marble table, and ended up having sex? Yeah…not going to say anything about that anymore. Cat, I found annoying at times—slightly hard-headed, a tad impulsive, and quick to jump the gun. Bones you will later find out to be promiscuous.

Overall: Definitely would recommend this series to new paranormal romance seekers.

Cover B/C-
The model for Bones I have some problems with.


  1. I think AT GRAVE'S END is my favourite of all covers. I like the red/black/white contrast.

    I have a weird love hate with this series. I liked the first about 3/5 and the second 4.5/5 and then the 3rd meh and this last one meh. But I do like where the PLOT is going. What I don't like it the Cat/Bones relationship. Bones bugs me.

    You should try Jocelyn Drake's Nightwalker series. I like those too and they have a lot of plot and very little sex!

  2. Never read, but want to. This series sounds so interesting! :)

  3. Since Yan loves this series, I think I should try these books out very soon.

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  5. Oh my, I should have seen this review before Thursday. I was dying to get my hands on adult paranormal books but I had no idea where to start. Instead, ended up with two mangas and a YA novel.

    Great review.