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Monday, January 4, 2010

We Need More Glomping!

Richelle Mead, the little author no one knows about, is having a small get together at the Publisher’s Office Watercooler, an online chatting site, at 8:00 PM EST time on Thursday, January 7th. It is located here. Hopefully I'll be able to stop by after dinner!

Because Ms. Mead is such an unknown author if you can kindly spread the word it would be most appreciated. We want a large group of the fans to *glomp*. Oh and another small, unknown book releasing this year (only second after Spirit Bound of course) finally has a widget! It's quite snazzy!

EDIT: Apparently I suck at being sarcastic xD


  1. huh? lol are you being sarcastic? i thought richelle mead was pretty famous b/c of her vampire academy series! unless youre being sarcastic... hahaha

  2. Snarf. I shall try to glomp with the best of them. The world needs more glomp.

    Thanks for including No Pain, No Brain on your list of books to read! I feel all special and sparkly now. :)

  3. "Sarcasm" was really good :)Don't worry . We all got it :) The widget they have made is so cool..