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Monday, April 5, 2010

Before I Fall

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (March 2nd 2010—Harper)

Grade: 3 stars out of 5

Source: B&N First Look Program

Summary: “What if you had only one day to live? What would you do? Who would you kiss? And how far would you go to save your own life?

Samantha Kingston has it all—looks, popularity, the perfect boyfriend. Friday, February 12th should be just another day in her charmed life. Instead, it’s her last. The catch: Samantha still wakes up the next morning. In fact, she re-lives the last day of her life seven times, until she realizes that by making even the slightest changes, she may hold more power than she had ever imagined.”

Review: Before I Fall, and please don’t kill me for saying this, was an okay read. I am a not fangirl of Lauren Oliver just yet. But seriously it’s really scary to give this book 3 stars on GoodReads when all you see is a bunch of 5s and ‘FAV’s! I’m petrified to be killed after this, but that’s what the internet is for—hiding behind a screen.

I’m not bothering to resummarizing the book in any shape or form and will get to the grit of the issues I had.

A) Because I find myself not connecting with any of the characters. When I should be balling my eyes out, pouring my heart out to Sam, or pretty much setting me off on a philosophical rant I just sat there. Um, okay, next.

B) While I found each chapter on its own very rewarding at times, together they did nothing. It plays with ‘what would you do if you knew today was your last day?’, but sometimes I feel like there was unnecessary scenes.

C) The relationships in the book? Very flat. Guy-whose-name-escapes-me and Sam together? Okay, yeah, I didn’t get that. From his perspective she is sort of randomly attacking him because she has been practically ignoring him throughout the years.

Now that’s out of the way here’s what I liked about Before I Fall:

D) The concept. So much potential, perfect setup, the possibility was endless. Top score for originality.

E) The ending. Total shock, but still has that believability factor.

Cover C
I’m confused. Who does the model represent?


  1. I haven't read this yet, but I do plan to. It's fun to see someone with a different opinion, you're right, all I see are "5 stars, read it NOW" type reviews :)
    nice review!

  2. Great, honest review! I am a little hesitant to read this because I'm afraid I'll feel the same way. But like you said, that's what internet is for :D

  3. The model is supposed to be Sam I believe. I really loved this book though. Sorry your couldn't connect. :(

  4. I join you... :/
    Have you found many? http://letter-garden.blogspot.com/2010/04/yan-mascot-5-happy-easter.html

  5. Hmm, I'm about to start this one soon, and there's definitely been a ton of rave reviews around, so it's great to see someone of a varied opinion. (Appreciate the honesty in the review, btw.) Now I'm even more excited to see what I think of it :)

  6. Apparently, Lauren Oliver said in an interview that she believes the model on the cover to be Juliet. She actually wasn's sure who the cover was depicting either at first.

  7. Girl I love you! I agree with everything you said and find it a bit staggering that everyone on Goodreads is gushing about this book nonstop. I found it good but not great, not at all. Nice to have someone who agrees! =)

  8. I just started this one today so not sure how I feel about it yet. I know what you mean about feeling weird when your review is so different from all the gushing 5 star reviews. I wrote one recently that I thought was a 2 star and every other review I read was a 5 star.

  9. You know I loved it, but I understand the not conecting part. I was concerned at first because I didn't like Sam or her friends, and it's not that I liked them more at the end, but I loved their flaws acknowledged and revealed. I also really loved the overlying theme of getting the most out of life. I'm linking to your review here:http://www.thediaryofabookworm.com/2010/06/before-i-fall.html at my review of the same.

  10. I appreciate that you gave your honest opinion - it's scary when everyone thinks a book is AH-MA-ZING and you just thought it was okay. Personally, I enjoyed it, but it's not a favorite of mine. Maybe you'd like Delirium more. I did.