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Monday, April 26, 2010

Traveling to Teens: Rachelle Knight with Contest

Hi guys, welcome to the next stop for Rachelle Knight's online blog tour promoting Read, Remember, and Recommend--a reading journal.

You guys can find more about Rachelle at her blog Bibliobabe and follow her at twitter: @bibliobabeblog

1. Have you yourself read all the books listed in the journal?
No! But I am making good progress. I read at least two books a week and have been doing so for a long time - so I am making a good dent in all the lists.

2. How did you go about choosing your symbols for book awards?
Good question! The symbols are very important to the journal, in my opinion. I feel very strongly about showing the accolades each book has won - in an effort to give full recognition to the author's achievements. It was actually a lot of work picking the symbols! There are so many awards and only so many symbols that can be seen with that small of a font. I did a lot of research and there was a lot of back and forth with my publisher before everyone was happy with how they all looked. It's something that most people wouldn't think about - but was a definite labor of love!

3. Was the packaging of the journal planned ahead? Instead of a planner-like format with a spiral wire, have you considered a regular notebook style?
Another great question! When I first published the journal under my own publishing company, Bibliopages, both the fiction and teen versions were notebook style. This is another thing most people wouldn't think about - bookstores don't like to carry books that are spiral bound because
they can't be shelved with the spine out (no one would know what they are). Shelf space is expensive real-estate in bookstores and having to shelve books face out takes a lot of room. But, I don't like journals with hard spines because they are much harder to write in and you can't fold them back. I think the solution Sourcebooks came up with fits all the criteria - the journals can be shelved with the spines out and the reader gets the value of the spiral for easier use.

4. How do you keep track of these literary resources like teen blogs?
To come up with the initial list of teen blogs in the Resources section of the journal I started with a few blogs and then followed their blog rolls to find others. I kept these in a list (and now on my own blog roll) and check back periodically to see if they are still active.

5. Do you personal have a GoodReads account or Shelfari account or any other online book tracking sites?
I use Goodreads. I do post all the books I read on it, but the value to me is the social interaction it affords - I like to see what others are reading. I like seeing other reader's reviews of books I have read - it always gives me another perspective.
(Sorry about the fuzzy pictures. I had to turn the flash off and my hands are naturally shaky)

Know you have a vague idea of what are some of the components to this journal and its image, but if you want the physical journal enter the contest to win one for Books by Their Cover's readers!

You might also want to check out the stops to this tour at T2T's weebly blog! My review for this journal will be up very shortly :)

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