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Friday, April 23, 2010


Unpredictable by Eileen Cook

Source: Personal Bookshelf

Sophie just got dumped by her boyfriend, which she totally didn’t see coming! Despite her best friend’s advice (and mine too! because he is ick), Sophie wants him back…badly (so badly that she wears one of his socks as a headband). So during one of her stakeouts (aka stalking sessions where she stole said sock) she finds her hiding underneath a sink in a laundry room in his apartment complex. Because coincidently her ex decided to come down and collect his load and starts to flirt with this tall, blond, and gorgeous girl (who doesn’t seem to lack in the chest area). It turns out that the new love rival seeks out psychics to predict her life. With this knowledge in mind what does Sophie do? She fakes being a psychic to potentially take back her ex. But wait, Sophie somehow manages to attract a radio show host and is now being featured on a talk show in Canada as a psychic!? Oh snap. Not to despair, Sophie manages to faint in her engagement party (but to whom is the question), dream a little dream, and knows just what to do with her future.

Sophie is this lost puppy type of person; you want to direct her and pet her, but she’ll only bite and growl at you. She’s larger than life and takes the extreme of situations. Her naivety, lack of consideration, and take-no-prisoner attitudes at times counteracts the hilarity of the novel. The reader may perhaps find themselves liking her then having the desire to shake her in the very next chapter. In my opinion, the annoyance I held on her outweighed my pity for Sophie making her an unlikable heroine towards the second half of the novel.

Nick is average height (for a female), has a moderate Scottish accent, and is a disbeliever of psychics that teaches Sophie all she knows about the facts to become a psychic. Did I mention that he’s also pining for Sophie’s love? Because he is. He’s the kitten in this novel. Sweet, innocent, and seems to be lingering somewhere behind.

So what happens when you mix Nick and Sophie together? A balance of sensibility and wildness; yin and yang; comfort and fun. That’s not to say that they end of together in the end because maybe, just maybe, Sophie ends up back with her ex. Or I can just be messing with your minds. Seriously I should have left enough cliffhangers in this review to make you curious at one point.

Unpredictable presents a small irony: The title. Unpredictable was very much predictable. However, this is a madhouse roller coaster ride and you are definitely going to watch something fall apart. This is a laugh-out-loud, I’m-so-happy-that-my-life-isn’t-like-that-sad haha, novel. But, just get those muscles in your hand clenching though because I was surely frustrated with this novel at times.

A chick-lit novel to the tittle of the i.

Cover B-
I like to run my fingers down this cover. It's those bumps and shapes! Her legs are oddly positioned though, but goes on for miles.

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