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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Double Life

My Double Life by Janette Rallison (May 19th 2010—Putnam)

Grade: 4 stars out of 5

Source: Publishers

Review: Amidst the countless essays, stuck in-between novels dealing with death, abuse, and oppression, My Double Life is wanted I needed so badly. Bring in the fluff, the glitter, and the fun. Oh goodness just the fun.

I’ve read only one Janette Rallison novel before, How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend, and what I loved there can be reasons in what I love here. My Double Life does incorporate the heavier, darker tones of family issues, but it becomes more of the backbone to the novel. So those looking for a gritty read will find it, just not so intense than what others might be.

Janette Rallison’s basis of a plot may not be the most original but her character’s make up for it. Alexia Garcia has been getting straight A’s since the sixth grade and has won numerous awards so when the opportunity arises to become a double for a famous rock star what does she say? Thanks, but no thanks. (Alexia, bless her soul, has a brain! The little tidbit about Alexia being smart?—yeah it actually comes across in her actions! ) But while the temptation of earning tons of money and potentially losing your soul fails to sway Alexia, the chance to meet her father, whom she has never met before, has become an option she can’t say no. There are going to be bumps and bruises along the way for Alexia on this quest….

Alexia demonstrates sensitivity and vulnerability throughout the entire novel while maintaining a sense of calmness in the midst of chaos. She is a wholesome character and a blast to read as we follow her on her journey of self-discovery.

Kari Kingsley whom you may think of as being snobby, high and mighty, isn’t really. She comes off as real, personal, and slightly pitiful. When I imagine Kari I think of Ke$ha—a tad crazy at times yet a smidge of innocence (Kari not Ke$ha). You just never know what might come out of her mouth. Kari, herself, undergoes a trip of acceptance, which comes through with her struggle of writing her next album.

Grant Delray aka Mr. Predictable Boy Toy. Wait, hmm, that might have a negative connotation to that. Grant is the typical male in these novels except of the dark and broody we have the sweet and nice. Awh! Not to mention the evil clutches of Hollywood has yet to sink in so he’s fully committed ladies! Score!

All in all My Double Life was a very good, solid read. The pacing was steady, never faltering, the characters were developed where they needed to be and the rest served their purposes, and the style of the writing is one that I would not change (and the format of the book I loved! Odd that I mentioned it, yes, but the final line of a chapter pushed back to a page of its own? PERFECTION!). To showcase some of Rallison’s humor I present to you some quotes:

“For two hundred and fifty dollars, Tommy Hilfiger himself had better come to my house and iron it.” (page 75).

“You could always dye your hair brown and hang out with my family in West Virginia. The paparazzi would never find you there. We could do the prince and the pauper.”

“What’s the prince and the pauper?”

“See,” I said. “You just proved my point. No one reads anymore.” (page 120).

“I didn’t explain about the glitter in my hair. I figured they could think it was a family trait. We all glittered, just like the Cullens in Twilight.” (page 243).

Okay so it isn't as funny as I thought it was out of context.

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She needs a good night's sleep or something


  1. Looking forward! I love her humor - loved My Fair Godmother. One of my faves last year.

  2. I'm really looking forward to this one. Great review!! You really should check out the rest of her books, they are all so much fun! She also wrote four novels under the pen-name of Sierra St. James and those are fun as well.

  3. Hi, coming by from Book Review Wednesdays!
    Loved your review. Sometimes we all just need a little fluff. And thanks for making me feel it's okay to put in quotes I find amusing. They were funny, even out of context. :)

    Maggie Castelluccio

  4. Wandering in from Book Review Wednesdays.

    Sounds like a nice bit of fluff, I enjoy some fluff sometimes. Helps my brain unwind. :)