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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pride and Prejudice (Rant)

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Source: School

So I was asked if I could post a review about why I gave Pride and Prejudice 2 stars on GoodReads. I replied that it’ll be more of a rant than anything really, which was fine in her eyes.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen has inspired so many writers, both female and male. It has been adapted into countless movies viewed by millions. Heck it’s so famous that it’s become a classic and now schools require you to read them (raises hand). If Jane Austen were alive today she’d be filthy rich. And all I can say to that is ….

You should know about Elizabeth and Mr.Darcy and the jazz so there would be point in dwelling on the small stuff. Let’s get to the nit and git of why I disliked this book. First off Elizabeth, she infuriates me. Secondly the dullness, it was just really really hard to get through. Thirdly, just about the entire Bennet family makes me want to scream, Lydia particularly.

DISCLAIMER: I understand that this is a classic for a reason. I’ve already got that embedded into my skull thanks to my teacher who coincidently told the class up-front that “I know it’s dull, but hang in there”.

Elizabeth I feel never lets go of her so called prejudice. And even if we were to claim that she is no longer prejudice what was it that changed her mind? A letter? A letter from someone she loathed that finally convinced her that this person is bad and this person really isn’t? Okay Austen, you’re stretching things a bit. And even if Jane or the aunt thinks doesn’t believe he’s really all that bad that’s just two out of a ton. Instead of this prejudice magically poofing, it shifts to someone else. High and mighty Elizabeth Bennet annoys me.

I was promised by a friend that once I finished Volume I, and the majority of Volume II things will pick up. So when I told her, “I passed the letter part,” she asked if I liked it, “It’s amazing yeah”. Um “No”. And when I reached that last page I let out this huge sigh of FINALLY!

Lydia, ohmyfreakinggod, someone just STAB her already. If I had a sister like that argh!

So yeah, this is just my side to it; I was just asked to share. I was, however, enraptured by the movie.

This review is obviously unprofessional hence it's just a rant.


  1. I didn't really like Pride & Prejudice either. I've also tried reading Emma and just couldn't get into it. I guess Jane Austen isn't really for me.

  2. Maybe try reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to quell your thirst for blood and gore? I like that you're honest and are offering your actual opinion rather than bowing down to the fact that it's a "classic". Thanks for the post!

  3. What I like about Pride and Prejudice is that Austen is sort of making fun of the wealthy people of her time. We don't run home trying to secure a invitation for a rich guy to come to our house so that he will want to marry one of our daughters..I laughed at this, I thought it was funny. I think that is what she was meaning it to be. At least that is what I got out of it.

    Everything in P&P is over exaggerated. Like Lydia, yes you want to kill her, but I couldn't help but laugh at her. I wanted to smack the Mother myself.

    I think its great that you are honest about why you don't like it, Austen is not for everyone. As some books are like by others that are not liked by me. So I think its okay to rant..LOL At least you can now say you have read it..he he.

  4. I have listened to some of P&P, but I don't think I could get through it by reading to it. I LOVE the 2005 movie version though with Keira Knightly. It is amazing and everything is just so beautiful!

  5. I hated Mrs. Bennett the most, she just made me want to rip my eyeballs out. But apart from her (and partly Lydia) I liked the book :D

  6. Yan, I pinpointed the problem straight away "I know it’s dull, but hang in there”. If your teacher doesn't love it, there's very little chance you were going to.


  7. I never read this, just watched the movies. But what always bugged me was there was always so much dislike and hatred between Darcy and Elizabeth that I never really understood why or how they would come to love each other. Really, starting your relationship out by really hating the other person isn't the best start.

  8. never really liked it too, but its that sort of book to be more admired than adored

  9. Wasn't it you who told me I should read Pride & Prejudice? xD Hm, maybe it's another blogger.

    But homg, I am torturing myself through this novel. I have to try and quickly finish it before the end of the week because I have a work diary due next Tuesday. Ack. >>