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Friday, April 30, 2010

Twilight: the Graphic Novel

Twilight: the Graphic Novel by Stephanie Meter; Illustrated by Young Kim

Source: Personal Bookshelf

In this graphic novel adaption of New York Times bestselling novel, Twilight, Young Kim illustrates the meeting of Edward Cullen and Bella Swam. And by now YA book readers have probably know something about this series from movies or just friends so there is no point behind writing summaries. However, if you have not yet read the series (or watched the movie) and only know the general gist do not start with the graphic novel. There are scenes that will not make any sense because some of the inner monologue is missing. Even then the tension, anguish and self-doubt will not be as prominent as it was in the book (and for some that might be a positive aspect). I do feel that the graphic novel will get more people interested in Twilight since I already managed to get about two people to read the graphic novel. (Though when they finished I asked if they would like to continue the [graphic] novel to which they replied ‘no’.) The Twilight: the Graphic Novel is something you might read to pass the time that does not add much to the series.

While visually pretty, the artist Kim seems to favor stoic features on faces. There is nothing dynamic that compels the reader to stay interested. I wanted Kim to ‘ugly’ the faces up with more emotions—exaggerate the face—that does not seem to say ‘look I’m so pretty; I’m pretty from this and that angle’ and not seem so monotone (without relying so much on the thick effect lines). I would like to mention that I love the color pages. Amazon has a example of this with the scene where Edward sparkles (several of my friends laughed when they saw that picture).

For the price of the graphic novel—a whopping twenty dollars—and the chapters covered, around 14 chapters based off the original novel which is about halfway through the book, I feel like it is not worth it. The graphic novel reads and looks more like an American comic than a manwha* and the fact that it is first published as a hardback instead of a typical paperback shocks me. It is not a very thick comic and can easily be read under an hour. If you are a huge die-hard Twilight fan I would say go for it because it is a stunning piece of artwork, but if you are just curious about it, it’s not worth buying (at least until the paperback version releases).

*A Korean comic/“manga”


  1. I saw this book yesterday and I wondered why it was so small but now I know why.I don't think I'll be picking up this book. Great review!

  2. I decided to give it a try--but the price, length, and black and white were all major turn-offs for me. Plus, why was everyone so pretty? I agree, didn't add much to the series AT ALL...

  3. I was intrigued by this for its artwork, but...um. It's way overpriced. And I'm not sure I need another dose of Twilight that doesn't really ADD anything. :)

  4. Thanks for giving this review. I haven't been to the bookstore to look at the book. I'd planned on buying it for my daughter as a present.